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Empaths and The Art of Protecting Your Energy

As I emerge from my Hermit/ isolation phase of Awakening I am reintegrating into the World, interacting with Friends and Family. I see now that I needed the time alone for many reasons, one being I was not yet ready to handle the projected feelings of others. I needed time to purge my own emotions and cultivate the skills to protect my energy.

In regards to re-integrating with others I would offer this. Protect your energy. There are visualization techniques such as auric shields and multiple grounding techniques ie baths, sage smudging etc. They are very helpful and I suggest researching and practicing them if needed. Better, yet follow your intuition/ bodily cues and urges. However this is not what I am referring to by protecting your energy. Sooner or later we must stop hiding and begin our lightwork. The most useful practices I have implemented is cultivating the self-love and understanding to say NO. As lightworkers, Empaths, Earth Angels, indigos or whatever label you presently identify with. We struggle with this at first. We want to please people and make them Happy. We give and give and ask little in return. We want to tell others what they want to hear despite it’s relevance to our feelings, then we feel obligated to follow through because we are honest. The best way to do this is to say no when you want to. The belief that caring for yourself is selfish is not true. You are obligated to you and only you. You can not care for or help others if you aren’t caring for yourself. Furthermore, others will attempt to manipulate, control and use you for this reason. This is not always the obvious abusive boyfriend / girlfriend. Often it is subtle, it can the immediate relative, Child, Spouse, Parent etc. Realize they are  acting through fear, anger, doubt etc. I am grateful to have a loving supportive family and I still must deal with said interactions. It is not them or their fault. It is a dynamic interaction where we reflect our emotions to each other. Recall that Human Emotions are complex and multi-faceted. It is not your job to figure it for them so avoid analyzing and telling them why they feel as they do. Trust me when I tell you this rarely goes well and only fuels their fire. Often, they are afraid for you and hence feel they need to control or save you. Only you can save you and they can save themselves so do not take the bait. Respectfully saying no to the request, despite how hard they push will avoid future resentment on both sides. Take note that it is ok to take time and consider an offer. Sometimes, things sound good at first and it is not until we are alone in our energy/ thoughts do feel differently. If you aren’t certain it is something you want to partake in then take time to consider it. Take the time to consider it and then clearly provide a response when ready. I make a consistent effort to never make rash, pressured decisions. If they need an answer now then my answer is no or silence.

Set boundaries and expectations upfront when necessary. The more Empathic you become the easier it becomes to sense the ulterior and misleading motives of others. We have all done this to others when we want something. Often it is subconscious so there is no need to get defensive or angry. Just state clearly the stipulations you have for yourself. If they do not honor the agreement then you have the right and ability to end the interaction. Recall that it is best for all when you stand firmly in your energy/ power. Not only will you feel bad about giving in, they learn nothing and only reinforce their behavior/ belief.

If you must let people go then you must do that. I once tried to fix people and only suffered greatly as a result. People can only fix themselves. I can not tell you who, when and how to end a relationship of any kind. This is your decision and yours alone. It is part of learning to let go with love, compassion and forgiveness. All I can say is it is for the greater good of all involved and we are all connected Spiritually. As you consistently stand firmly in your energy, your power and your beliefs, some will naturally fallout of your reality. The ones you choose to be in your life will make the efforts necessary to do so. Simply focus on living your authentic truth, being your true-self in every moment. The rest will fall into place naturally.

In the midst of the Holidays ad the Traditions involved remember to protect your energy regardless of what that means. The greater your Empathic abilities become the more others are attracted to your Energy. The more you will trigger and the more they will attempt to trigger you. Life and relationship changes are inevitable and learning these skills are essential to your happiness, thriving and growth.

Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley





5 thoughts on “Empaths and The Art of Protecting Your Energy

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said others fear our expression of emotion. I have faced this in my family alot. I also feel that when I am with family I start to feel what they may have blocked as an empath.

    I appreciate your posts alot. I have been in self imposed isolation for over 10 years now and lately I feel I am emerging. Facing misunderstanding as an empath has been a big part of my journey.

    Best wishes

    1. It is not easy I know, I can only recommend you continue to accept them for their light and darkness. Often, they love you so much and don’t know how to cope. I am not one to tell you how to live but 10 years is a very long time. I hope you are enjoying life. You deserve to live life to the fullest. I hope I am not being too forward but don’t let others snuff out your light! Shine brightly. If you need assistance I am taking clients. Also I recently started a donation based tribe. I will be sharing a lot of tools and resources, more importantly it is a Feel free to email me if there is anything I can do to support you. Thank you for your continued support! place for Empaths/ Awakened others can share their journey without judgement . I get how lonely it can be. You have a great gift. Something to be proud of. Love and Empathy.

      1. Yes, it is a long time but in that time I did have a relationship. I was very stuck in complicated and unresolved grief. I have a good therapist now and am making more progress. I will keep reading your blog and reach out if I feel I need more help, I am finding my way slowly. Thanks for your concern. Deborah

      2. I’m happy to hear you are doing better and moving on. Keep up the good work.

      3. I still struggle with feelings and boundaries but I guess learning more just takes time. Thanks for you kind words.

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