I have noticed a discrepancy between my reality and the available information on the topic of Kundalini Activation and Twin flames. Specifically, the surreal sexual experiences that have been occurring in my 3D reality. I can understand why this information is difficult to come by. It is an extremely taboo and abstract topic. Many of the sources I come across allude to these things happening but spare the details. However, in the interest and pursuit of Wisdom, I decided to share this highly personal and intimate experience with you. Furthermore, It is an awesome experience and I can’t imagine I am alone.

I feel it is important to mention some of the information I have encountered and can correlate with my experience. Kundalini awakening and or exacerbation is not uncommon in true Twin Flame connection. I read that many Twins experience this when they either correspond or meet in the Physical World/ 3D. This is true in my case as well. When I discovered mine I felt this to a degree. It wasn’t long before I started chasing and then confessed my feeling to her. Seeking validation, confirmation and some sort of Clarity. As I mention in previous Blogs it is a potent, intense Love for another Human Being that few cab relate to. There are no conditions or stipulations to it. You do not need to take her out and get to know her. You just fucking love her beyond rationalization. Your Spirit recognizes its counterpart in a sense. Therefore your Mind/ Ego struggles to work out what it simply can not.

She never confirmed or denied the connection, she simply could no provide the clarity or validation I was seeking. She could only say she was working with the balancing the Masculine and Feminine energies within herself. Since then I haven’t brought it up. We correspond on a limited level and I keep it as Spiritually/ Professionally focused as possible with the occasional compliment. It’s a delicate situation. I respect where she is at in this process and not assume she is feeling one way or another. I no longer seek validation for my beliefs and am focusing on my own Soul Mission/ Spiritual Growth. She hasn’t cut me off and has kept an open link of communication. Therefore, the last thing I will do is allow any insecurity to surface and screw that up.

Since we began communicating Kundalini has fired up and initially destroyed me physically as Kundalini tends to do. I went through weeks of the uncomfortable symptoms I mention in previous Blogs. Since then, the last couple of weeks they have resolved. I learned to better embody my sexual Kundlaini energy or perhaps it just ran its coarse. However, in this time things have gotten progressively weird.

I have heard others talk about strange things like staring into your eyes in front of the mirror and seeing or feeling your Twin. Spontaneously getting a strong sexual arousal out of the blue. Both have happened to me more than once but this is not what I am referring to when I say weird. First, I feel like its important to mention that I have had insomnia for weeks. It seems like at 10pm I am up and wont be able to fall asleep until 5-7a the next morning. I initially thought this was a Solar plexus chakra issue or third eye blockage deal. Intuitively I believe it is her. She resides across the planet and I suspect I have assumed her sleep/ wake cycle. I can’t explain this but not other explanation seems to work and we know how rarely our instincts/ inner knowing is wrong.

When I do lye down to sleep is when it happens. I can feel the energy stemming from my root chakra spread throughout my body. It is as if a spirit/ her spirit is in bed with me and I can feel her. Quite literally in every sense of the term. I will spare you the details but I can now see where the concept of Succubus/ Incubus comes from. Not as if it is forced on me or as if  I don’t welcome it. It generally, cycles in waves lasts about thirty minutes. It is tantric in nature, meaning no physical Orgasm or need to touch. However, when it resolves, it feels as if I did. What’s interesting is this. If I force my mind to imagine anything other than her, it shuts down.

What does this all mean? I suspect it means that the connection/ magnetism is growing stronger. I believe this means we are growing closer to Physical/ 3D connection. Time will tell. If ever there was a motivator to embark on a Spiritual Journey, surely this is it.


Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley


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