The opposite of Faith is Doubt. Like many people I was once a Man of Doubt. I needed validation and confirmation something was going to play out well prior to doing it. I needed a well established plan and assurances from others. Minimizing all foreseeable risks prior to taking action. Many would say this is wise and cautious. I agree. The difference for me now is the manner in which I receive assurance.

Few of us develop our intuition or inner guidance. Even less of us follow it. This is not surprising when we consider the fear based World we live in. Through fear we sever our connection to the Divinity within us and outside of us. I am not going to talk about Angel Numbers,lucid dreams or even visions of the future. I am not going to quote the Bible. I am going to simply say that in overcoming our fears and insecurities we strengthen our inner and outer connection to the Divine. Believe me when I tell you this only comes from consistently facing them.  It is not easy but God Damn It, is it worth it!

In times of doubt I consider this conversation with God: I am the Source of All Creation. I am the Master of the Universe. I am part of you and you are part of all creation. There is nothing to fear with me. I will provide all you desire if you simply have the courage to believe. To follow my guidance. I love you more than you will ever know. I see you. I am not blind to your pain. I know your potential. I support your path. I support your work. I do this because I created you for this reason. It is my will, living through you. You are my child and I will never forsake you. Go now and shine your light brightly for others to see. For the light within you is me. Show the World that Gods still lives in all his Children.

When the creator of the Universe promises you something, what better assurance does one require?

Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley

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