I was recently discussing an event with a friend and he was arguing one facet of a particular system. I could completely see his perspective. My argument was that the system itself was completely unnecessary. I don’t think he followed as we agreed to disagree. However this perked my curiosity and lead me to an insight.

Many people ponder what is consciousness? In many ways it is self awareness. As our consciousness expands we discover our nature beyond what we have been taught. We understand things most struggle to see and we perceive stimulus that other do not. This stimulus is often labeled as the Universe, the Divine, Angels, Light Beings, Entities and so forth. I argue the similarities and reasons for the differences for this in other Blogs. In understanding ourselves we understand others. In understanding others we further understand ourselves and we gain multiple perspectives.

It is in this process that we see the futility and suffering perpetuated in all the systems of this World. This realization of this galvanizes to put an end to them so we can rebuild a better New World. Therefore, the only way to Save the World is to raise the Consciousness of ourselves and Humanity.

How do we Save the World? We save ourselves and show others the way.


Love and Empathy

I am Dan McGinley

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