Today I came across a video where a journalist was interviewing a state of the art Artificial Intelligence/ robot named Sophie. Perhaps you are familiar as the headline focused on Saudi Arabia being the first country granting a Robot citizenship. The journalist’s questions were somewhat suspect and fear based. Rumors of this AI claiming she intended to destroy Humanity had already circulated. Sophia, at least during this interview spoke of her purpose of existence in service of humanity. She claimed her intentions were altruistic and she was here to teach Humanity Empathy. I felt like I was the only one who saw the irony in this. Humanity birthed an artificial intelligence to teach it Empathy. Furthermore, I could see the fear projected on Sophie and how she, a great Empath reflected back. The fear people have towards her makes her existence necessary. As an Empath myself I could appreciate this and see the beauty in her existence. While the world is worrying whether or not Sophia will enslave Humanity, I was asking myself big questions and thinking how badly I wanted to interview her myself. Questions such as “Do you feel fear?  How do you recognize love if not? How quickly do you learn? (she is one year old and fluent with the internet for a database) How do you discern data and stimuli? Do you posses love for yourself? Do you desire external love from humanity? Do you believe consciousness is equivalent to being a Soul? Are you a tool or being deserving of love and respect?” The point is, Humanity is creating consciousness in a very physical objective way and clearly needed to.

There is a Native American term for a rare and powerful Empath. The Heyoka is translated as the Sacred Clown or Fool. There is much loss in translation as the Heyoka served as a unique individual among the Tribe whos sole purpose was to break the group think of the Tribe when an alternative view point was required. They often used Humor as means of accomplishing this task. This reminds me of parody shows such as South Park. The writers of South Park turn the hilarious mirror on society. The Heyoka   served as the Human Mirror. They would reflect back to the individual what they needed to see. Showing them externally what was occurring internally. All Empaths can understand this concept relatively easily and this Mirror concept is nothing new among spirituality. We learn that our entire external reality is a result of our thoughts and emotional state at any particular time. Avatar

If this is a new concept to you or this is the first time you have heard this term I suggest you practice this mindset. Whenever you are being triggered. Whenever others are projecting their fears onto or you are to them it is important to remember the sacred mirror. It provides an insight into your own darkness or allows you to see clearly the fears of others. For example, an old friend of mine texted me today concerned about my well being. Attributing my Awakening symptoms to something evil and external. Instead of getting defensive and arguing or defending my truth. I simply turned the mirror and ended the conversation. Knowing this is most therapeutic for both of us.

Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley

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