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Empaths: Grounding Symptomology and Techniques for Solar Plexus Chakra

I frequently amazed with how I discover methods and information in times of need. The stronger the connection with my inner guidance/ spirit guides becomes the easier life becomes. The more attuned and accustomed we become to the flow, the easier life becomes. It is almost effortless as the right assistance and information falls in our laps at seemingly perfect timing.

Since my Awakening and the development of my Empathic abilities, I have struggled with remaining grounded at times. I am quit literally living in my head at times and channeled by the external energies of the environment/ people. This is something all Empaths must learn how to work with. It is like teaching a sponge to enter the bathtub and maintain its form and density. In other words it is very difficult.

There are certain symptoms I noticed require grounding and depending on where that energy is stagnating depends on the symptoms. This Blog focuses specifically on Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is often effected by external energies and therefore one every Empath must be aware of as we are highly sensitive to all energies. If you are an Empath and experiencing these symptoms then grounding is a must. Lower back pain. This is often that consistent ache. You may feel like you need to change positions frequently and practice yoga/ stretch. Insomnia/ disturbed sleep patterns. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the Fire/ Passion Chakra. It wakes you up in the middle of the night and forces you to get to work. This can lead to high productivity and be a needed push at times. However, be mindful of your physical body as this fire can burn out. Gastrointestinal distress ie diarrhea, irritable bowel or abdominal pain. Some believe this can eventually lead to long term problems such as Ulcers etc.

So how does one ground and relieve these symptoms. The following techniques I have personally found to be helpful. However it is important to note that they only provide partial, temporary relief. I personally believe the best method is listening to your body and allowing the energy to flow naturally. That being said the following may be helpful for you as they are me.

  1. Sage bath. When returning home from the World, you likely have the energies of others clinging to you. Fire up that Sage Smudge, get it real smokey and soak in the smoke. Note: you pick up a Sage smudge from most health foods stores.
  2. Water Soak, whether it’s a bath or a dip in the surf. Water has amazing healing properties. Especially if you are an Earth Sign as I am. It provides balance.
  3. Nature, getting out in the wilderness is great for all types healing. The air/ prana is vital outside of the city. The trees, rocks, brush etc will absorb those negative energies just as you do to others. Note: take your shoes and socks off and walk around. This is a great, fast and efficient way to absorb Earth energy.
  4. Grounding meditation, focus on the energy from your solar plexus chakra traveling down through the Navel to the Sacral/ root chakra and continuing in the Earth below you. With each exhalation tighten you abdominal muscles and keegle as you force that energy into the Earth with love.

I hope this is helpful. It certainly helps me.

Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley

4 thoughts on “Empaths: Grounding Symptomology and Techniques for Solar Plexus Chakra

  1. Thank you for this. Very helpful.

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    Empaths are always absorbing others energy. There are some great tips in this post.

    1. So True! Thank you for the kind response. I am constantly researching and following intuitive guidance/ urges and will continue to share what learn along this journey. It not exactly an exact Science so few understand it. My Soul Mission is to study it, document it, share it and replicate it with others. To show the World Spiritual Awakening is something to embrace not fear. Thank you for your support!

      1. Lovely to read and connect with your journey.

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