Some of you may know I have been struggling with What I describe as a Kundalini exacerbation. The horrible physical and emotional effects have resolved however the insomnia persists. Over three weeks now. It fires up as I lye down to sleep ad keeps me up until 4am to 7am on average. The other night I thought I could control it and get on normal sleeping pattern. I took 50 mg of Benadryl and 6 mg of melatonin. That’s enough to put a Horse to sleep by most standards and it did nothing. Considering I haven’t taken sleep aids in months I was shocked.  It simply could not touch this energy.

I decided a new approach was in order and this lead to contemplation ultimately leading to insight. I realized there was a purpose behind this. Many would just assume its a case of insomnia and see a Doctor. However, if you are undergoing an Awakening, you possess or are developing Intuition. A sense of knowing regular people/ Muggles (I say this without judgement and for descriptive purposes only) know little about. I realized I was intuitively guided to get my ass out of bed and do some work. Write Blogs, make videos, work on my Project X. The stuff I was born to do.

I have theories as to why this energy surge happens at the worst imaginable times but I will save those for now. The why doesn’t matter. It’s what we do with the energy that matters. We can gripe and squander it or we can get our asses to work. The lesson here is to remember to be flexible. To let go of our plans and Ego need for control, order and plans. You may have noticed that this whole Awakening Process is the most disruptive life force you have ever encountered. It forces you to leave Jobs, leave Homes and sometimes People. You will loose money. You will loose friends, possibly Family members for a time.  You will be forced into challenging, lonely, painful and embarrassing situations. Your plans will have to change. The dream home you have been working to manifest may be in a foreign country and you don’t speak the language yet. The point is there is a lesson to be learned in each and every moment. Wisdom through experience. Strength through adversity. Experience to share with others as I am doing presently. For me, this insomnia reminds me to be flexible. To be ready to go anywhere at any time if guided to do so. To change professions and leave all my possessions behind without a moment of hesitation or regret.

Trust is the greatest form of Faith. It requires complete surrender. This is how Jesus walked on Water. Trust in God fuels the greatest miracles. Let go of everything. Be and instrument of God’s Love and Light my Friends.


Love and Empathy,


I am Dan McGinley

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