I can not take credit for this concept however I can offer perspective into its meaning. Many successful entrepreneurs and pioneers will tell you that your vision and your opinion is all that matters. That as soon as you begin to go against the grain and go after your Dreams that others will resist this. Often the people that are closest to you will be the first discourage you. They do this because they love you and do not want to see you get hurt. They are afraid for you as they can not see your vison. In fact, very few will. Others will completely abandon you. They do this because they fear your success. They do not like the idea that you are living your dream while they continue to struggle day to day. This is a great sign!

The more Haters you have and the more resistance people place on your Vision the better. There is a direct correlation to your number of Haters you have and how important your Vison is to the World and the amount of success you eventually will enjoy. You can not make change and make everyone Happy. If you are concerned with the approval and acceptance of others than guess what? You will change nothing. People naturally fear change. Yet it is this change, this necessary change that gives your Vision its value! The World needs quality! It needs truth! It needs authenticity!

Remember this, the more alone and isolated you feel. The more criticism you receive. The more friends you loose. The closer you are. They may not see your Vision but they see you! They see your passion. They see the power of belief. They see your Faith. They see that you will die before you allow them to dictate your life. To snuff out your Dream as they once did to their own. They eventually realize that your Dream. Your Vision, is going change the World. They know it is greater than you or them.

“If you have enemies, Good. That means you’ve stood up for something. Sometime in your life.”       Winston Churchill


Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley



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