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What it Means to an Empath? A Male Perspective

I have alluded to the imbalanced perception that Men are somehow less emotional than Women in past Blogs. The presumption is we naturally feel less. This is not true. We simply haven’t been given the permission to feel. We are expected to be stoic and “strong”. Emotions are unacceptable. We tell our Boys not to cry. Not to be pansies. Not to feel. These lessons follow us into adulthood and reek havoc on our lives and relationships. I was no different.

There are many who believe being an Empath is a rare and unique skill that only the rare INFJ personality types posses. I disagree. I believe we are all capable of being Empathic. That Empathy is a skill. A skill well worth developing. I supposed I have always had degree of Empathy in the past but nothing like I presently experience. My Awakening forced me to cultivate this skill as it does to us all. One can simply no longer ignore the emotions. It forces you to feel and feel deeply.

So what does it actually mean to be an Empath? Many talk about all the cool “superpowers” such as psychic, telepathic abilities as so on. To put it simply it is the ability to feel. To feel the depth of all Human emotions. Not just your own but that of other, which are essentially your own. I was once taught that empathy is the ability to identify with the feeling of others while remaining objective. The loss of objectivity is Sympathy. Perhaps this is splitting hairs but how can one truly feel and remain objectivity. That is not feeling but rather analyzing from a distance. This is what most people do as I once did. Perhaps we need to change the term to Sympaths. I now find it impossible not to feel. Rather, I  choose to no longer run from my emotions. No longer suppress, project or hide from them. I find freedom and beauty in this.

This comes in many forms. It is not always a matter of witnessing or supporting others in their times of pain and suffering. It can hit us randomly through music for example. A melancholy song for example can ignite pain and sadness. Bringing us to tears. It’s as if we can feel what the Artists felt when the wrote/ performed it. Most people can relate to an extent. The difference is that the Empath embraces this. Not because he enjoys sadness but because he sees the beauty in all emotional expression. He understands the healing that needs to occur even if he doesn’t know why he feels it. Furthermore he understands that feeling what most consider “negative” emotions and feeling them easily and more deeply than most translates to the ability to feel the “positive” ones just as easily and profoundly.  To feel Love and Compassion to a depth that few ever experience. To experience a glimmer of how the Angels feel. How God feels.

Embrace your Empathy my friends!

With Love and of coarse Empathy,

Dan McGinley

3 thoughts on “What it Means to an Empath? A Male Perspective

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  2. It is an amazing journey. That ‘touch’ that is our awakening to the beauty that is in all of life, not just the good, but in understanding that the ‘bad’ also has a place in it too. For without one we cannot understand and then appreciate the other all the more.
    Empathy is that understanding 😀
    Great post, thank you for sharing your empathy <3

    1. Thank You Mark! So true, we can not have light without darkness. Such an important yet difficult lesson. Good to see other Male Empaths stepping up and owning our emotional bodies, light and dark. Keep it up brother!

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