In order to break into a better, more ideal life then we must learn not only to face our fears but make our intuition the primary force guiding our decisions. I have been following my intuition lately and as I mention in previous Blogs/ videos it grows stronger as we do this. It becomes so powerful that not following it becomes near impossible. However it is easier said than done.

Every time we make a decision that is intuitively based but goes against the logical grain the result is fear. Our Mind tells us we should return to our old ways. Our old coping mechanisms. Our old Jobs and ways of making money or it could be our old patterns of dealing with emotional distress.  By all logical means I should be seeking a new job and adjusting my life to return to my Career as a Registered Nurse. This is an easy way out and if consumed with fear it would provide me with mental comfort. My intuition has lead me to this point. I have essentially allowed my intuition/ inner knowing to guide me day to day. The way in which I deal with the fear is through meditation. It is well known that meditation decreases the areas of the brain associated with fear and increases the areas associated with self-awareness. The more we develop this discipline the less fear we experience. The end result is a situation that would cause most people extreme stress or fear. Disciplined, intuitive people have very little to no fear not only because we meditate but because we understand that our intuition never lets us down. It has yet to lead me into a situation that I cant handle where I did not emerge stronger, more aligned.

One more reason I am so calm in the wake of potential disaster.  My Angels reassure me I am where I belong constantly. They do this internally and externally in the form of numerology. I am literally bombarded with specific, very positive repeating angel numbers. To name a few that you can research or may have noticed yourself 808, 818, 701, 707, 777, 858, 855, 505, 515, 909,101, 202,111, 222,33, 444, 37, 47 etc.

In fact my confidence is so strong that positive changes/ abundance are coming that I am confident in writing this Blog prematurely. I have no idea in what form or ways this will enter my life. The when and where is never known and this excites me. I have my plans but am flexible with my Soul Mission. If you find yourself in a major life change and are feeling trepidation/ fear. My advice is this. Breath, meditate and calm your mind. Find your intuition and inner guidance. Pray and ask God/ the Divine to show you the way. Have Faith that God exists and still moves you. Let go of everything you are clinging to as to allow the new, better to enter your life. Have Faith and Trust it will be for the best and you can handle anything that comes your way. Its all positive as there is no negative. If it makes you stronger or wiser it was positive. Finally, God does not forsake his children and he keeps his promises. This is part of manifestation and I am manifesting all I desire in my life. Remember it is always darkest before dawn.

Love and Empathy,


I am Dan McGinley RN BSN

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