Many of us undergoing the Ascension/ Awakening process or rather following our Spiritual Path agree that the physical symptoms such as the chills, aches, pains, tinnitus/ ringing in ears and so on are related to DNA restructuring/ neurogenesis/ neuro-reintegration. In metaphysical terms the chakras are opening, clearing and developing. The notion being that our chakras were grossly underdeveloped or unused prior to the process. Our physical bodies must acclimate to the energy flow. Meaning our chakras and nervous systems are developing so we are able to integrate and allow the energy/ chi/ pranna to flow freely, without obstruction. In my opinion, the reason there are so many variances among individuals undergoing a Kundalini awakening is a result of two factors. The general health of the individual at the time of onset and their ability to cope with the process effectively.

There is an element of detoxification during the Kundalini/ Awakening process. In fact it mimics opioid/ opiate withdrawals in multiple ways (restlessness, hot/ cold flashes, insomnia, tingling skin sensation, psychological distress and muscle aches to name a few. It is continuous yet cyclical in nature. Those with a general poor state of health tend to have worse or more intense symptoms at onset. This is the reason our dietary practices are altered. Many report cravings and food intolerance during this time. The cravings for junk food reported by some is not as some believe, an intuitive need to eat toxic foods. Rather a symptom of detox. A common symptom of restrictive diets or dietary detox is cravings. Fats, Salts, and Sugars are rare in nature and required for survival. Therefore when we eat food containing one or all of these nutrients we release Dopamine. The feel good neurotransmitter. The neurotransmitter attributed to all addictive substances and behaviors. This acts as feedback mechanism reinforcing the behavior. The obvious problem being that these nutrients are now widely available and food companies have mastered the science of food addiction, titrating products to feed the collective addiction to junk food. Have you ever been on a diet and found yourself dreaming of your favorite junk food? This is called a using dream.This is no different from a recovering drug addict dreaming of using drugs. Hence, craving sweets is no different than craving drugs. Intuition and cravings are not equivocal.

The blessing and curse of Kundalini is she punishes you when you mistreat your body. You always said you wanted to be healthy. Careful what you wish for. Whether it be food, drugs, or just going to an energetically misaligned location or person. Kundalini will remind you in some way, sooner or later that you done fucked up. I highly recommend keeping a food and activity log during this time. Especially if you are not nutritionally savvy. If you are an average person than you are not. I have posted easy to follow dietary principles and guides on my website if you are in need. As a general rule, raw, organic, natural foods ie fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds are safe. Your food diary will help until your intuitive wisdom fires up. Generally speaking, the better one can maintain a sound state of holisitc health, the less intense and frequent your kundalini flare ups will be.

If this is your first Kundalini activation then it is important to understand a few things. The beliefs you hold about needing to exercise daily, consume certain amounts of macronutrients such as protein and engage in regular social activities does not apply and will hurt you during this process. Your body, mind and emotional body are being exposed to energies you have yet to experience in the lifetime.  This is a time to respect your transformation. Do not make plans or promises. It’s ok to say no to others. You will require substantial rest and I suggest you sleep as much as you can. If you are having insomnia then embrace it. Do not get angry as those emotions will exacerbate the symptoms. Kundalini is teaching you what is necessary for you to be doing minute by minute. Listen and do it. Your only obligation at this time is to you. If you disagree and think you are an exception than you are in for a rude awakening. Kundalini does not bargain or care for your Worldy obligations, your vanity, your comfort or anything not in alignment. She will force the issue one way or another.

An important consideration. Kundalini’s main purpose is to align you with your soul mission. Take the time to reflect and ask for guidance in these extremely challenging times. When you engage in your self-care/ love activities and or your Soul Mission work. Kudalini provide a respite and symptoms will diminish and eventually resolve. Once this occurs. Do your best to maintain alignment. Otherwise she returns to reinforce the lesson and eventually we all learn it.

Final thought, we are conditioned to believe that we must Grind and bust our ass to get ahead in this world. Not true, the Universe/ World needs value, not more mediocare crap. Quality not quantity. You will find that your best work and greatest ideas come when you are in alignment with your highest calling. When you are living your truth authentucally. Besides, by respecting your health and the Kundalini process you are doing the greatest work imaginable. Any successful entrepeneur will tell you to work on yourself first and then create something the World needs. If you do not respect and love yourself than neither will the World.


Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley

If you are in need of support and guidance please join my donation based Tribe. An online group of like-minded individuals expressing themselves without fear of judgement. A place I share my holistic health resources and Spiritual Insights

Thank You


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