Kundalini and Sexual Energy Update; Immediate Symptom Relief

There are many  suggestions on how to deal with Kundalini fatigue/ symptoms. things like raw natural foods, exercise, Yoga and meditation are all tried and true. However I would like to share my intuitive method that seemed to result in an immediate shift.

First, I would like to mention the intuitive urge to move my spine/ Yoga positions. To be clear I have only done Yoga a handful of times prior to my Awakening. I naturally have been doing certain poses when the Kundalini symptoms would escalate. Downward dog, cobra, child’s pose to name a few. I suspect this helps any stagnant energy travers the spine.

Second, I would like to mention meditation. During meditation I visualized the energy from my root chakra traveling to my higher chakras and balancing.

Finally and what I believe to be the most significant. I stopped externalizing the energy. I did not realize I was even doing this. We are taught that sexual arousal is inherently wrong, bad, and or dirty in some sense. Therefore when aroused we naturally feel the need to expel this energy, quite literally sometimes.  By simply excepting this energy as my own and embody it consciously provided immediate relief and comfort. By excepting your sexual power/ Kundalini then you are in essence accepting your Divine and Human Sexuality.  I suspect that many people struggle with Kundalini due to deep rooted sexual shame and guilt. Focus on healing and Kundalini will flow and enhance you as it is designed to do.

Author: Dan McGinley RN BSN

Authentic Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse. Serving Humanity through the dissemination of Truth and Knowledge. Offering Nutritional support, Mental/ Emotional Control/ Healing and Spiritual Awareness. Developer of The Holistic Self-Health Detox. An Unorthodox, Practical and Effective Self-mastery Program. Personal intensive Coaching available.

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