Since my Awakening I continue to encounter information on Dopamine. My ultimate Soul Mission/ Life Purpose is to scientifically prove the process of spiritual Awakening and then develop a protocol to disseminate it to the Masses. As I was contemplating this I had a revelation. Increased Dopamine levels in the Human Brain combined with a belief altering event(s) is the catalyst for Spiritual Awakening.

The link between Dopamine and Spirituality has been documented. To be perfectly honest, I literally just googled Dopamine and Spirituality. I did not want to claim credit for a discovery that had already been discovered. The problem being not everyone with high dopamine levels has a Spiritual Awakening. Based on my experience and observations, there are common experiences/ events reported by the individuals who have undergone a Spiritual Awakening. We all share a pre-awakening behavior either negative or positive that drastically increases Dopamine levels consistently. Combined with a stimuli or stimulus that induces the Event. I speak of my belief that Awakening is not some abstract event only a select few can obtain in one of my You-Tube videos. I consider it a potential growth and developmental milestone that only a few of us have unknowingly/ subconsciously invoked/ induced with a key decision and or belief system augmentation combined with a critical Dopamine level.

What is Dopamine and how is it related?  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter involved in many key physiological functions. Low levels of Dopamine are believed to cause or are the result of Depression and Parkinson’s disease and high levels are theorized to play a role is psychosis. Dopamine is the feel good, happy, love neurotransmitter. It is positively correlated with a sense of euphoria, happiness, joy, etc. when an individual maintains a healthy level.  Many activities in Modern Society such as diet, sleep deprivation, self-limiting beliefs, ect are negatively correlated with (low) Dopamine. So What Behaviors do many Awakened individuals report that effect Dopamine positively (increases).

1.) Addiction/ substance abuse: Addictive behavior of any means is correlated with Dopamine increases.  Heroine, Meth, Cocaine, etc are all known to massively influx the Brain with Dopamine/ inhibit reuptake. There are many self recovered Addicts (myself included) who undergo a Spiritual Awakening. They are generally using or used drugs during the initial onset and are able to independently overcome their addictions at some point during the Awakening Process. I am not advocating using drugs to induce an Awakening. This is simply and argument for Dopamine.

2.) Meditation: I argue in other Blogs that meditation comes in many forms. Regardless of the type it is universally common that those who have undergone the process are disciplined meditators. We essentially need it to cope with the process. It is scientifically accepted that consistent meditation elevated mood i.e. Dopamine.

3.) Diet: raw, natural, foods  are often sited as a factor for spiritual awakenings.  This is due to the Antioxidants present in such foods. High antioxidant and vitamin C are known to naturally increase Dopamine. People who adopt a Vegan/ veggie based diet will occasionally undergo a Spiritual Awakening. For example, Ralph from Infinite Waters cited the 7 day Vegan Challenge.

4.) Love: the Human Brain in Love is flooded with Dopamine. Whether the result or cause is unclear. Regardless, the practice or adaptation of self-love or love for others is not only a precursor in some cases, it is a trait we all eventually express.

There are many other ways to increase dopamine levels both naturally and synthetically i.e. caffeine avoidance, adequate quality sleep, certain amino acids etc. The missing link is not the Dopamine. Rather the Belief alteration process. The decision to listen to intuition and or reject the standard oppressive belief systems. Many believe that beliefs are too difficult to alter and it simply isn’t possible to change core beliefs easily. This may be true for some but I disagree. Most people are unhappy and miserable. With an effective practical method in place they would line up in the millions to be Happy and Spiritually Aware. You are all unique as was that catalyst event that awakened you.

I have developed and continue to amass methods and techniques to rapidly alter belief systems. If they can program/ deprogram Humanity then so can we.

I offer this theory freely to the World. If you prove it? Well Done! I only ask you acknowledge your sources ethically. It’s good Karma.

If you are of the Scientific Mind or know one who is then I beg you to reach out to them/ me. I have/ am developing protocols to test then implement on an eventual massive scale. Test it ethically and humanly of course.

This is a massive project and will take me massive resources I have yet to manifest.

If guided, I humbly request you make a donation/ join the Auxano-Aletheia Tribe.

A private group where I/ we share insights, thoughts, tools, tricks, resources and ideas free from judgement and ridicule. Social Media that will uplift, not depress you.

Please share with your Awakened/ Spiritual communities and tribes.

Please comment or email your Awakening story so I may collect further Data.

If you are Awakened then this should resonate with you. We came here to Awaken Humanity. This is a critical step in that process as is my ultimate Soul Mission.

I am not here to steal your process but rather to share it for the greater good and  eventually compensate all who contribute.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters,

Light-workers, Indigos, Empaths, Starseeds, Earth Angels, the 144,000

911!! The Time to Rise is Now! No More Fear! No More Hesitation!

It’s time to reach critical mass and create the New World/ Paradigm.

One of Light, Love, Peace, and Health!

Love and Empathy,

I am Dan McGinley

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