Many of us believe that relationships of all types require experiences to develop. That people must date, hangout and engage in sorts of conversations and activities prior to loving another. That love is conditional. True love is unconditional and needs no introduction.

Last night was Halloween. I could not help but notice a healthy detachment from it all. It was a good time and I enjoyed the smile on my Boy’s face but other than this it did not hold the same meaning or significance as it once did. Initially this concerned me and I tried to think about my past. As a child Halloween was one of my favorites. I searched for the emotions I ounce associated with it and nothing. Could no longer feel anything regarding my past. Naturally this concerned me. I searched my past for memories that once brought me joy. The image was there but he emotional attachment was no longer.

Many see this as a sad thing or something they wish to avoid. Here is why it is not. My love for the people in my life is no longer associated with the past. It is not dependent on how they have made me feel in the past or presently. It is Unconditional. It just exist and even in separation or absence it remains true.

The second argument for this is Love at first sight. I will spare you the details (you can read about them in my Twin Blogs) but what I refer to as my Twin Flame. Few can attests to the immediate, extremely potent, undeniable unconditional love you recognize in a “stranger”.  It is beyond the worldly view of love that most People ascribe to.


Love and Empathy


Dan McGinley

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