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What it Means to Surrender; Your Greatest Life Awaits

As a collective we have been told that there is one or two paths to God/ greatest life and they involve qualities such as will power, discipline, deprivation, and abstinence from all deemed as “evil” or “bad” by Society. There is nothing wrong with joining the Nunnery or Brotherhood if intrinsically guided to do so. I am here to tell you, Brothers and Sisters that the path to God lies within each and every one of you and is unique to you, your Soul.

The path starts with listening, introspection and honest evaluation of your inner desires, goals, passions, wants and needs. We are told that we must follow the well worn path and disregard our inner desires in order to survive, thrive, find love, be successful etc. In fact the opposite is true. It is within your inner making that will start you upon your best most abundant Godly life. No soul is created without a purpose. It is in our desires, passions and engaging that which makes us happy do we discover it. That and learning to question all that you have believed to this point. That you need money to be happy, you need others to help you, you aren’t worthy, you aren’t capable, its too much effort, you must grind 24/7 to obtain it to name a few. One by one I am here to prove these statement as lies so that others can follow suite.

It is not enough to know your life purpose. You must act and action requires courage. I will be brutally honest, it is terrifying at first. The decision to reject all you have once held as truth and surrender to God/ a higher power is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. However there are ways to assist you to that point and the fear minimizes to the point of non-existent. I am not saying I am completely without fear. I am saying that I feel it less and less. When it rears its ugly head I am capable of seeing it objectively, examining its nature and transmuting it into fortitude and resolve.The things that scare the crap out of most people, paradoxically preventing them from being happy are of zero concern to me.  Leaving a comfy career I spent years training for. Trusting that money and abundance are provided as needed and in Divine timing. Improving myself via self- exploration, love, acceptance, rest, meditation, etc is more important than the old ways of disciplined forced action, productivity and achievement.  It’s learning to listen to that inner voice/ intuition and following it always. Without question or regret. Knowing wherever it leads me is exactly where I belong at that time. It once was difficult when I relied on logic, reason, statistics and the advice of others. These things are not without value but nothing should take precedence to your voice, your intuition, the voice of God within.

I used to feel like if I didn’t complete a certain amount of tasks each day I was never going to change my life. This caused me significant stress and I worked to exhaustion often. By surrendering I have zero stress in life. It does not mean you can do nothing and live the fat life. It does mean that when you are in your calling you obtain so much more for doing “less” and you need not worry. Now, If guided I will rest, meditate and read (days on end if necessary) for these are my self-love activities and self-love is how one grows, heals, and harnesses the power of Heaven on Earth. Never feel guilty about putting yourself first. It is not selfishness, it simply means you value yourself. When you see the value in yourself others will do the same.


Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley

4 thoughts on “What it Means to Surrender; Your Greatest Life Awaits

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    1. Thank You so much Joel! Your consistent likes and re-posts truly honor me my friend. It is the greatest complement one can give. I am transitioning into new stage of my Soul Mission and I love being able to share my experiences and insights with you. I encourage you to join the Tribe via making a donation. There is no minimum and I will be sharing my best work there. I would give it to the World for free but in a fiat 3D world a Dudes gotta eat lol. I have amassed and developed resources and tools to help people with various health and spirituality practices. I appreciate your support Brother!

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  2. Great stuff Dan! Learning to surrender to God is what truly changed my life and stress levels. Love this man! Regards, Alex (

    1. Thank You so much Alex! The transition from the old to new is so challenging that the only way to truly grow is to surrender to the process/ God. Easier said than done lol.

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