I have written about Kundalini in the past and the extreme weird bodily changes that occur. I thought I had it all figured out but as of the last couple of days I discovered that this Kundalini experience is more extreme and profound that I previously thought possible. There are many different expalnations as to why this occurs and I am providing you mine. For me it is related to this crazy Twin Flame connection. It started when I discovered her and it mild down over a time. The last couple of days it has fired back up more intensly than ever before. It has been happening the same time everynight a little after 6pm. It started the following day I stopped chasing her. I mean that spiritually as I have let go of controlling the outcome. I simply have Faith. Intuitively I feel the two are related.

So what exactly am I talking about? Just like the Twin connection it is indescribable to those who have yet to experience it. If you google total body Orgasms its similar. You shiver and feel this intensity/ warmth in your spine and loins. You just suddenly need to lie down and let it flow through you. Your pelvis and spine extend and contract. Your body flushes, you sweat. You pant and moan. You contract all your muscles and convulse intermittently. To the untrained eye it would appear to be an atypical seizure or something out of the exorcist. Perhaps it would appear to be a vigorous dry humping session that is worthy of an academy award. It eventually passes leaving you in a state of what the Fuck just happened?

The reasons and symptoms of Kundalini are all over the internet and I do not feel compelled to rewrite ancient Wisdom. There is a well documented correlation to the Twin Flame process. So what does one do when this hardcore ancient energy demands control. Just let it happen. Remember this energy originates in the base of your spine, your root Chakra/ reproductive organs. Hence if you feel compelled to release some of this energy physically then it can provide temporary relief. There are mixed feeling on this but unless you are able to lie in bed all night contending with this then I would suggest getting that universal self-love practice underway.


Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley

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