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De-mystifying Spirituality; Why all Beliefs are Valid yet Simultaneously Invalid and The Universal Truths

When I first underwent my Awakening I was confused and terrified while astonished. Like many of us I sought answers, which lead me to what better place than the internet. I naturally honed in on information/ explanations that “resonated” with me. Considering that I was raised Catholic/ Christian and have an interest/ background in Science, explanations such as God, Angels, Jesus, Energy, Synergy, Frequencies, and Resonance became my truth. The “paranormal” experiences I encountered, which I now understand where externalization or projections of my mind to assist my psyche in comprehending and understanding what was happening.  Therefore believing that Angels were responsible for the flashes of light, ringing ears, shadows moving, chills down my spine, lucid dreams and random scent of flowers in my bedroom were much more soothing and ultimately acceptable to my psyche/ mind. During the initial frightening times (when my mind was blowing quiet literally), the thought of ET fucking with my head scared the shit out of me (likely from all those creepy Alien movies) and would have resulted in rejection of the process, possibly insanity. For others this is not the case and as they believe or “resonate” with the concept of benevolent Alien Beings ie the Archaturians and with Evil Alien Beings ie the Reptilians then this becomes their truth/ reality. I personally learned not to externalize evil/ darkness. Probably because I didn’t want to walk out in my living room in the middle of the night and see a scene from the Exorcist. The truth is this, It all exists within our minds and with the realization of our internal power to create reality. We do so in a manner that will assist our mind’s ability to accept said reality. Due to the abstract nature of Spirituality there is no exact template/ collective agreement for it. Therefore we create it in a manner that wont drive us into insanity. I realize this is heavy for some of you but bear with me. Their are universals truths and common experience we all share throughout this process. I will list some of them later but for now I would like to focus on this concept with an example. Dessert_Spoon

What is this? As a collective we decided to call it a spoon. Therefore when someone asks for a spoon you automatically know this is a metal and or plastic concave apparatus with the sole purpose to facilitate ease in the consumptions of certain foods. What if I told you that spoons had mystical powers to draw in love energies and channel Angels. You would think I was crazy quack but if you believed me then this would become true for you. Is Holy Water anything other than water in scientific terms? Are Crystals anything other than pretty stones when examined closely? So why do some put spiritual significance in either or? Because this what you were taught and on some level believe. Making it truth to you and not others.

So we understand the reasons for the variance. The difference may appear to confirm that its all just peoples imagination. I would be inclined to agree if it were not for the Universal Truths shared among the Awakened. Despite the source or what we call it. God, Source Energy, The Universe, The Benevolent ET it shares qualities that no Awakened individual will argue. Unconditional love, light, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, support, Happiness, Joy, Karma/ giving and receiving, living authentically and fearlessly, speaking one’s truth, death to the Ego, eternal life in one form or another, etc. All of the positive spectral emotions. The Awakened individual understands intuitively/ empathically that the pursuit and embodiment of these emotions/ energies is the goal. They are required for manifestation, for fulfilling our soul mission purpose and for personal/ universal healing. Mediation/ mindfulness in one form or another is generally accepted and adopted practice to facilitate this process. Synchronicity and repeating numbers/ Angel numbers are commonly experienced. Again these are projections of our mind manifesting in our physical reality. physical symptoms are common among us all as well. Their intensity, duration and frequencies vary as do all symptoms of disease (to be clear I am not calling Awakening a disease). In summary, we are extremely powerful creative beings and our realty reflects our beliefs/ emotional body. You can choose to continue believing you are a mere mortal and your life will always be difficult and painful and thus it will be or you can choose to Awaken, realize you are an infinite being in a physical body with the power to create an ideal wonderful life/ World. The choice is yours.

Note: Keep in mind that we live/ currently reside in a physical 3D world and thus there are rules. Like the Matrix some of these rules can be bent and others can be broken. I am interested in continue to explore which is which but my point is one can not simply imagine a Pegasus and ride into the sunset in the 3D world for all to Marvel. Furthermore I am not simply referring to the law of attraction where focusing on a desire long enough simply makes it real. It takes work and action. It takes overcoming fear and self-exploration. Disregarding all your current beliefs will not happen overnight and it does not come easily. Neither does it have to take a lifetime. I did it in approximately 3-6 months and it continues. For some its much more rapid while other struggle to let go. We all  have learning curves. There are tools and I am willing to share mine. Either way the journey is absolutely worth it. I would never go back despite where my journey leads me. This is why we show gratitude. We see the beauty in it everyday.


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Dan McGinley

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