How many of you have a difficult time day dreaming? Do you remember your Dreams ant Night? Can you visualize a World or life much different than you are in today?

Many peg me as an idealist when I speak of a future without pain and suffering, with mass health and happiness. They say it can’t be done. That Human Beings aren’t capable of creating such a reality. I say they lack imagination.

The collective belief determines the reality in which one exists. For example I am sitting in the same chair I was six months ago, a week ago and my reality is vastly different. I was once as cynical as anyone and the idea of a Utopia never crossed my Mind. So if I can change my entire belief structure that took a lifetime to create in six months, Why can’t  you? What belief do you cling to? If you can picture a gloomy shitty tomorrow than that is what your experience will be. Nothing changes unless we change. So ask yourself why not? Why not me? Why do we have to continue operating this way? Do not try to change others, simply change yourself and others will follow suite. Eventually everyone gets sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is how we change the World.

When did we stop dreaming? When did the status quo become acceptable to you. As a child you wanted to battle Dragons and explore space. In High School you wanted the Happy Family and Satisfying Career. How did that work out for you? Are you Happy? Are you living your dream? The reason so many of us do not know what we want in life is because we falsely believe that we aren’t capable, we aren’t deserving, life is meant to be hard and we have to struggle until death. Sound familiar? This is what kills the imagination and hence a better World becomes inconceivable. It was not my Spiritual Awakening that made me so idealistic. It was simply the rejection of the beliefs so many of us cling to. I simply hit my threshold and said fuck it. I refuse to live in this manner any longer. I said why? Why not me? Why can’t I have the life I was meant for? Why should I continue to listen to Society and all the institutions who have fed me nothing but lies and conformity? Then I mustered the courage to take action. You see, it is not age that kills imagination but limiting Beliefs.


There are exercises and methods for rapidly deconditioning your subconscious/ augmenting those limiting beliefs. The ones I used.  I will be sharing them via Facebook Group/ Join the Tribe with Donation.


Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley RN BSN




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