Many, myself once believe that meditation in its various forms is the path or process in which one becomes Spiritually Aware. I am not arguing that meditation is not an essential tool/ exercise to facility and expand  Awareness/ Consciousness. However it is not the catalyst. We are guided to learn the meditative practices which resonate with us after the process has already begun. For me it was an apparently “random” purchase of a book written by a Buddhist Sage. In my initial confusion I attributed my Awakening to my Meditative practices. I know realize the truth. It was a choice I made months prior, followed by many other choices thereafter. We choose this and all of Humanity has this option.

If you are fortunate enough to be born in a more Eastern Traditional Culture or Perhaps a New Age type community then this process may have been just a natural path you followed. For us, Westerners and myself as an American Boy this is not the case.  Make no mistake you are extremely rare and you chose this. Many prescribe to the notion that our Souls agreed to this and we naturally hit a time in our lives and boom it happens. I disagree, not with concept of our Souls agreeing to it but nothing happens on Earth/ Humanity without choice. Free will being the law of the land one can not simply circumvent this. We consciously decide. Despite the fear we make a decision to reject everything we once believed. It may be one monumental decision but for most of us it is a series of decisions that build momentum. The decisions that strengthens our intuition/ Soul’s voice. I had several and one or two monumental ones that instantly shifted my reality.  I believe all of Humanity is capable of these shifts and just because we are the firsts does not make us special. Whether or not you identify as a lightworker, Indigo, Empath or Starseed it matters not. You have a gift and it is not to be squandered from fear. The objective for us all is to Awaken others. We do this in many ways. For some it is through word, others Art, others simply exists. We all have gifts and skill sets and it is your job to determine what they are. Then spend the rest of your life honing them.

The only question we must ask is what influences our decisions/ behaviors? When I decided to leave my career as a Registered Nurse to be a Holistic Health coach, the belief was/ is that people simply weren’t willing to change. They could have all the information necessary and they would choose to continue their self-destructive behaviors. I could have accepted this as truth. Instead, I focused on a solution. I asked why do some care for their health while others do not seem to? What influences choices and behaviors and how does one change? Now this appears to be a big question and we are told this is complex neurobiological process that most Minds can not comprehend. Not true, the answer is Belief.

Belief is the intrinsic motivator. Belief is the prerequisite of all human behavior. Belief is malleable through words and programming. Just as we were once programmed with self-loathing and self-limiting beliefs via Dogma and Propaganda. We can reverse this. For me it was through immersing myself in Affirmation media. In the form of motivational audio, reading Biographies of the Great people past and present. The Pioneers who gave themselves to creating a better World. Change your beliefs, change yourself, change your reality, change the World.


Love and Empathy


Dan McGinley RN BSN

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