As an American Boy I always wanted the big house, the 911 Turbo and zero financial concerns. I have yet to materialize these thing except the zero financial concern. The majority of us carry debt. We stress about bills constantly. We place our value as Human Beings on our ability to pay bills and own shit.

When I first decided to check out of “the Matrix” or rather the bullshit way I was taught to live my life. The underlying belief/ desire to obtain material wealth lingered for some time. Until I Woke up and found God (even then it took time) that is. To be clear, I do not believe Money is Evil and I have no intention on being broke. Money is a tool and the only Evil is how some amass and use it. It’s not how much you make but how you make it that provides “abundance” and abundance is not just money.

When the Law of Attraction/ the Secret came out people were making “Vision” boards with pictures of money, cars, homes and all manner of stupid shit. Did anyone throw a picture of Universal Love, World Peace,  and an end to say Planetary Destruction or even a new Antibiotic would be nice. You see the issue. Most of us would use our creative power to obtain a new Truck then save a Human Being or the Planet. This is Why the Universe shares the real Secret of manifestation with only the Noblest of Heart. Those who would manifest Love before they would money. I have manifested Peace of Heart, Love of Humanity, Knowledge of Self, Clarity of Purpose. I need not worry of Money as all will be provided when required, so I am assured from Heaven.  I am the Head not the Tail. Money holds no dominion over my spirit.

The idea for this Blog came as I am sensing a big change in my life. A new environment, whether it be a new city, Country, or just a home. As I was thinking about all my aging things and the list of new shit I used keep in my Mind. I asked myself what I would miss from my current reality/ location? What would I bring with me? My little Boy, My Laptop and my Books are all I care to have at my side presently. I suppose I could separate from the books and laptop. I can honestly say this with confidence and this realization invigorates me. I truly feel free from the old program of you must acquire things to be of Value.


Lave and Empathy Brothers and Sisters!


Dan McGinley


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