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The Second Renaissance

The Renaissance was an age of enlightenment. Knowledge, Arts, Science and Enducation were victorious over the Religious-State systems of control marked by the Dark Ages. Once again Humanity has entered a period of Darkness. An increasingly Orwellian fear based World Order has once again succeeded at stripping us of truth, compassion, kindness and connection. It is increasingly apparent to even the most naïve of us that our old belief systems can no longer support the policy and practices of our government, corporate and Media institution. They fully support each other in propagating fear, suffering, separation, want, apathy, ignorance and hate. They convince us that we are dependent on them for all our needs. That we exist to serve the interest of their ideals. Materialism, Consumerism, Nationalism, isolationism, separatism are just a handful of isms that are shoved down our throats daily. This is so apparent that I simply do not need to argue this point as it is a common tolerated knowledge. The only ones who would argue against this fact are those who either directly support or those seek comfort in the lies as the truth has become too painful to accept. Therefore mass apathy, distraction in the form of distorted sexuality, mindless entertainment and drugs is welcomed by the masses. They deliberately distract and separate us by pointing out our differences and constantly demonizing others. They convince us our happiness is in obtaining things, people, power etc. They convince us we are inferior to the false standard they orchestrate via marketing/ media. They orchestrate that sense of inadequacy with consumerism to convince you that you need useless shit in order to be adequate again. In order to purchase that useless shit in an inflated fiat economy allows them to promote the  debt you acquired to obtain that which only further enslave you. Finally they bundle it up nicely with 24/7 fear propaganda so you gladly offer you liberty for security, another illusion crafted to maintain your obedience to them. We do this because we do not know any different as they have successfully nurtured a generation of ignorant Adults with limited perspectives. Prone to violent arguments as sophisticated debate and respect for alternative views aka wisdom is ancient history. So who are “they”? Who can we blame and attack to “fix” it all? They are us and we are they. Therefore the solution resides within us. They have taken our power from us or rather we have surrendered it. The only way to regain it is not through attacking and demonizing the system we have built or at the least have tolerated and allowed. The answer is not external revolution but rather an internal one. We must change in order to break the illusionary dependence they have cultivated over the centuries. We must rediscover the Divine Power within. This is how we save ourselves, Humanity and the Earth. The Second Renaissance resides within.

America has become the Poster Child for fear based control, manipulation and subjugation. The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is now the Land of the Slave and Home of the Fearful. There are many facts to support this claim but just consider the Opioid/ Opiate epidemic currently raging in America. Drugs are not the disease but rather the symptom of something more insidious. This is no mistake and the World is following suite as Greed and corruption infiltrate every country and government with any resource worth exploiting. Despite the introduction, I am not here to complain about how terrible the World is. That is what “they” want. To shift the blame endlessly so nothing can change. No, I am no longer one of them. I see the need for compassion, forgiveness, love, empathy and truth. When we learn to deprogram ourselves we see for the first time the shroud of illusion expertly orchestrated around our existence. We see the error in our ways but learn to forgive. We learn to love. Truly love and not just Fuck, propagate and use each other to feed the fragile ego they/ we created. Not just love for each other but for thyself. We can not give what we do not possess. Therefore learning to love your SELF is paramount. Just as we can not accept others if we do not accept ourselves with all our past darkness. We no longer buy what they are selling because we see it is for the polished turd it is. We now respect our bodies and will no longer put toxins in them. For this reason and our new found love and respect for all life and our Mother Earth we stop eating meat. We can no longer tolerate the sheer horror/ abuse our animal brothers endure simply to increase yield. We now see the lies we were fed about how it is needed, healthy and not the leading cause of mortality and morbidity among Americans as well as the greatest (>50%) contributor to Global Warming and fresh water waste. We no longer need to debate such facts because we now believe in science (real unbiased science) while rejecting the Dogma of the past. The solution to all the Social, economic, environmental and political problems of the past lie within you. The man and woman of now. It is time to become accountable for your happiness, freedom and health. I love you all. The only question that matters is how you feel about yourself?

There is hope. If I can Awaken then so can you. There are others like me, choosing love over fear and speaking their truth. Good things happen everyday and we will win the battle within!

Join the Auxano-Aletheia movement and tribe.

If you are interested in becoming a pioneer and savior of the Earth/ Humanity then please visit my site.  One person at a time we can change the world.


Love and Empathy!


I am Dan McGinley RN BSN

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