It has been approximately one month since the launch of and I want to thank all of you are following my Blogs! I have big plans for the future of Auxano-Aletheia but I need your help.  It brings me great joy and fulfillment knowing that people like yourselves are benefitting in some way from the stories and insights I share. I truly love to Help anyone and everyone in some form or another and will lay my ego at the mercy of the World happily, for I know it gives others reassurance and support with their unique life struggles. One of the reasons myself and others like me are providing these services is because we did not have them when we went through our transformation. We recognize the need for authentic non-profit driven support and education. The Holistic Health/ Spiritual Path is a long and was a lonely one for most of us. We often felt isolated and alone seeking information and guidance wherever we could find it. It doesn’t have to be that way. You are not alone and there is help.

Through the interaction and correspondence with other leaders/ pioneers in the Health/ wellness/ Spiritual Awareness community, I have learned of a way to continue to give and give much more through the platform of donation based community. In order to provide others with the resources, assessment tools, exercises and knowledge that I have developed and in order to continue to develop new and innovative methods to serve the Holistic Health of Humanity full time then donation will be required.

Here’s what you will receive by making even just a one time donation to the Auxano-Aletheia movement.

Membership to the Tribe: You will have access to the Facebook group where I will frequently share the exercises I utilized or developed on my path to Holistic Health and Spiritual Awakening. Including but not limited to Nutritional Health assessment and programming,  Mental Health/ Stress Reduction resources and exercises, Motivational and Inspirational resources, Fitness and Training guidance, Belief Augmentation Exercises, Meditation and Mindfulness education and instruction, Spirituality Insights and Guidance and most importantly a place where you can be heard. Where you can express you authentic self without fear of ridicule or judgment. A place where Holistic Health conscious individuals can share ideas and tips freely. A respite from the ego, fear and competition driven media we are so accustomed to. That alone is priceless.

You may donate as little or as much as you desire. One time donations are acceptable. However if you find the Tribe to be beneficial to you then I kindly ask that you donate what you can on a weekly or monthly basis. Every penny is greatly appreciated and I assure you it will be the best purchase you make all month. The only rules in the tribe is that your respect, support and Love each other as you want to be yourself. Demeaning, derogatory and disrespectful comments or media will not be tolerated and result in removal from the group. Welcome to the Tribe and the New Paradigm of giving and receiving.

With Love and Empathy!

I am Dan McGinley RN BSN

Tribal Member Donation

By donating to you are gaining access to a lifetime of Holistic Health Assessment, support, resources, tools, tips and ideas. You will also be provided a platform to be heard. Imagine a place where you can be your authentic self without judgement or ridicule. Look no further. Thank You for your support. People like yourself allow me to commit myself fully to creating a Healthier Happier World. Love and Empathy!!


Special thanks to M.J. Robertson, All to Love and The Fearless Life Tribe. M.J. is a Brilliant Awakened Woman who provided me with the donation based tribe concept. She is also the Author of the Fearless life Guide, an instructional book to assist others on the path of Spiritual Awareness, fearless living and Divine Empowerment. Check her out at Thanks M.J.


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