Setting intentions is a standard pre-meditative practice. A request or goal for each session. Your intention is unique to you and there are no wrong ones. I have found one  that is particularly potent. I ask that my fear to overtake me. In doing so we become accustomed to its potency. Its ability to cloud our senses and manipulate our thoughts. Fear has many faces and giving it permission to temporarily embody us gains insight. We see it as it exists in true form. This helps us understand its origins and therefore its purpose. In our understanding lies our power to overcome.

My process is as follows. Light a white sage smudge and allow it plume. Burry your face in the clarity of white smoke. Breath and request protection from God, Arch Angel Michael Perhaps. Repeat three times. I give permission to my fear, come forth, be present, embody this vessel. Wait and breath. Allow it to be felt. Do not burry it or run. Feel it grow. Allow it to spread from your abdomen to your chest to your mind. Allow your skin to quiver as the your hair stands on end. Allow your pupils to dilate. Breath and repeat. Why do you remain? What lesson do you offer? Do not force the answer or think. Allow it to tell you. Do not deny it truth or authenticity. Allow it to manifest in your minds eye. I will share some of what mine has shown me. The death of my Son, My Father in a coffin as his corpse utters the word Disappointment, immerged in darkness of a windowless room, isolation and  imprisonment, past life pain and suffering, etc.  Accept it, see it, learn it, and release it. These are not visions or premonitions but rather projections of what we Fear most. Keep in mind fear likes to linger. This is a daily disciplined practice and not for the weak of heart. You must bolster your strength prior to this type of meditation. The goal is transmuting this fear to allow healing. It seems as if our fear is endless. Is it possible for a Man to be void of fear entirely? To be pure light and truly selfless?

I am not going to tell you this is an easy process. In fact terror and panic have taken me more than once. Make no mistake, you are surrendering yourself to your darkness. This is why a protection ritual is imperative. You do not openly offer yourself to darkness without it. Although this is the most difficult method I have yet to explore it is the most effective and direct to expanded Spiritual Growth. Remember Fear is a lesson imparted by God. Be Fearless my friend.


Happy Halloween!


Dan McGinley RN BSN


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