Since my Spiritual Awakening I have shed a lot of tears. I have sifted through a lot of pain but have also felt the deepest love I previously was ignorant to.  A happiness and joy so few us experience. Society tells us that Men should not feel. That Women are naturally more “sensitive” than we are and that “boys don’t cry”. Only “Bitches and pussies” want to talk about feeling and shit right? You should never tell a woman how you feel about her. If she know how much you care she wont be interested (Although this one hold truth and rarely works out the way you hope its still important to do). These are the lies we are told as children and we adopt them whole heartedly. We suppress all the heart ache which eventually leads us become someone else entirely. We adopt the Machismo, the Playboy, the Warrior, the Party Boy,  the Cold One archetypes. We keep what we were told is weakness, vulnerability at bay by find things like promiscuity, drugs, partying etc. My entire social network through High School was fixated on either or getting “fucked up” and getting “pussy”. As  an adolescence male, this notion I happily adopted. This is designed as such to keep us numb and weak. Ignorant of our Divine Power. The truth is that the heart loves to be vulnerable.

In Nursing school they talked a lot about displaying Empathy. Defined as being able to identify with a Patient while maintaining objectivity. Putting yourself in their shoes without losing your professionalism is how I put it at the time. Easier said than done. For certain patients it felt damn near impossible not to judge them. They brought this upon themselves or how many times can one continue this self destructive behavior. For pediatric parents we judge the Parents and for some adults; the obese, the addicts, the “dirty”, the perpetual victims of circumstances rarely received Empathy from the Healthcare staff, myself included. By labeling or pointing out “their” differences we superficially isolate ourselves from their pain. Rather by making them less than our standard of quality Human we shield ourselves from the Universal truth. They are reflections of ourselves.

If so inclined one can research the term “Empaths” and is likely  find Blogs or videos titled 5 Things Only Empaths Will Know or 5 Ways to Know if You are and Empath. Perhaps truthful  but the error in the titles is the implication that Empaths are born not created. Furthermore they often focus on things like telepathy and psychic capacity. I can honestly say I have recently discovered the truth in such things but these only add to the premise of separatism.  True some are naturally sensitive and it is not a coincidence that women are more likely to adopt this role. I believe this to be a matter of nurture versus nature. The truth is that Empathy is a skill. Like all skills it can be developed, nurtured and honed.

All of us on this Spiritual Path eventually end up in a state of Universal Empathy. It is kind of the point. It allows us to see ourselves without judgment but with curiosity and in doing so we learn to look at all Human Beings in such a way.  This is an essential skill for the future of Humanity.  When we begin to allow our emotions to flow through us versus suppressing or projecting them, eventually we heal ourselves. This creates a void. A vessel that can truly feel love, peace, gratitude as well as pain and sadness. This allows the Empath to experience the deepest of emotions. Ours and those of others, which are one in the same. To feel is to be alive. How many of you can honestly say  you feel truly alive? There is a way.


Thank you for reading. Please comment and share if so inclined.


Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley RN BSN


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