The more greater my conscious expands the deeper the rabbit hole goes. It some ways it is frightening. I feel like child playing with matches at times. The metaphysical isn’t an exact science but then again nothing beyond the physical can be objective. Its simply stems from the experiences from those brave enough to face their fears. 097424f2945951611ac9d8df963efcfa

Telepathy, psychic abilities and astral projection are becoming more real to me as I press my new boundaries. We all possess these gifts, most just fear their deliberate development.  I feel like an explorer discovering a new worlds every night. The Cosmos and the Divine merge as the line between 3D and 4D and 5D blurs. What I can not discern is whether these worlds are created in my mind or exists in a collective state. One thing is clear to me. God is the source of all creation and the force that binds it all is Love. We are made of the stuff of stars and this binds us to them and each other. God exists in each man, women and child on the planet. To love thyself and love each other is the way in which we love God.

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