If you have read any of my work than you are well aware that I openly discuss my personal issues. I do not just share my light with you but my darkness as well. This is concept is foreign to most of you. I understand. We carry shame and guilt. We save face and project an image of ourselves because the world expects us to be ok. You are not ok so stop bullshitting yourself. We need to stop believing that being human and struggling with emotions is a weakness. Our vulnerability is our greatest strength.

I write from my heart and despite what you make think this makes powerful. I spill my heart to you because on some level you feel me. You have been through it or you know someone who has. Know you are not alone. Its ok be you. Shining light on those skeletons is how you heal. I open my heart to you so you may see my shadow. More importantly so you can learn that disclosure is Freedom. My secrets once owned me. By making them public knowledge I free myself of the control they once had over me. In other words, My shit is public knowledge so what can anyone say? They may judge and I honestly care less. They can not leverage me. They can not blackmail me. This is Freedom and freedom is fucking awesome my friends! Embrace your Darkness and share it. I challenge you.

Take back your power!

Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley RN BSN





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