My Spiritual Awakening was marked with a number. Becoming aware that Angels/ God /Higher self and so forth. The Universe can relay messages to us via numbers. Most of us go through life completely unaware of this. I believe there is a biological reason this occurs. Your third eye is most often associate with your pineal gland. The Third Eye is the opening to your Ajna Chakra in Hinduism.The area associated with abstract thinking, Seeing and  knowing beyond the physical world. It is represented by the red dot on the mid-line of the forehead above the brow on Indian/ Hindu Women.  The anatomic location is directly in front of the Pre-frontal cortex (higher level thinking) and Pineal Gland,  associated with Melatonin and serotonin (sleep wake cycle), and N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) secretion. DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogen made by the Pineal Gland. It is responsible for those lucid dreams we all love so much. DMT exists in nature in many mushrooms and plants. DMT has been used in spiritual practices across all cultures from the beginning of civilization. Others important structures in the anatomical third eye region is the Pituitary Gland (Pit). The Pit was/ is generally recognized as the “master Gland”, responsible for all hormone regulation throughout the Human Body/ the brain of the endocrine system. This is the reason there are so many fun hormonal fluctuation (Hypothesized anyway) during the Awakening Process/ stages. There is another very important structure in this region known as the Reticular Activating System or RAS. The RAS is the doorman of your brain, it allows some stimulus to get through while keeping the rest at bay. At any given moment  you are being bombarded with massive stimulation, most goes unrecognized due to RAS. Think about putting some fresh tight undies on in the morning. As Garth from Wayne’s World puts it “at first they are restrictive. Then they become a part of you”.  This is a result of the RAS. There is no need for you to be focused on the restrictiveness of your undies all day long so you natural assimilate the stimulus and this allows you to focus your attention on what needs to be. The way in which DMT or hallucinogens work is they distract the doorman and people/ stimulus can sneak into the club. This is why some mushrooms can cause you to become fascinated with a childrens’ show such as the Teli-Tubies. This is how the veil thins between the spiritual and physical world. Know we are seeing shadows, auras, flashing lights, orbs, hearing buzzing, faint voices, etc. This is also why number patterns and literally grab your attention subconsciously everyday and night at 11:11, and 1:11 and 12:12, 2:22., 3:33 or possibly  as I write this it was 1:11pm when started, then 1:22 then 1:33. etc. After getting up and getting my  kid crackers its 1:37 (I will explain the significance of this later or read it in my Awakening blog).  I believe the changes to the RAS are also what makes things like remembering to pay your rent or shower difficult during the beginning of awakening. I can sit and write this Blog with no preparation or much forethought but yet I forget to feed my Cat. This would also explain the temporal disturbances. Time flying by or being late to pick your kid up from school etc.

Now we know why we see said numbers and repeating ones. What do they all mean? How do we interpret them? If you go on YouTube and search 1111 or 2222 or Angel Numbers or Numerology, life Path numbers etc then you will get many interpretations. Ultimately that is all they are. Interpretations through psychics, Awakened Individuals, Tarot Cards and Angel/ Energy Channeling.  I am not a numerologist but I am great at research and I see these numbers all the God Damn time, daily, hourly and by the minute if I am engaged. It is now 1:44pm. What I am sharing with you is based on my experiences and Extra Sensory perception. Keep in mind it is not about what they mean for me but what you are think/ doing when you notice them. For example I noticed since I sat the repeating numbers (1:11, 1:22, 1:33, 1:44) and 137 (God number) while typing this because I am in the flow. Doing my Soul Mission and almost channel my Higher-Self and or Divine Guidance. Nonetheless it is important you find a bearing and have some basic meaning behind the number so you are not constantly looking up numbers on Doreen Virtue. trust me it can consume/ Channel you at first. The hours will fly by. I have done this so it is safe to say that I have put countless hours into my research in a sense.

My third eye was opening when I noticed these numbers. Unlike most it was 7 and 13 for me and not 11:11. Since then the number 137, 37, 73, 13 have reoccurred and are relevant to Religious texts. I was not trying to open my third eye when it happened. I was meditating and the process of self-healing and learning. I didn’t believe in any of this shit. I came across a video titled “13 signs your Third-Eye is Opening”. One was numerology. I immediately thought of 7 and 13 or 713. This was due to an experience with those numbers you can read about in my Awakening blog if inclined.  Naturally I read Angel Number 713 and it felt so on point with my particular stage in life that I could not ignore it. I felt as if it was written for me. This was the beginning of my Awakening. I first became a believer after this experience. I truly believed in God and Angels after the number. Later I kept seeing 137. This number was noted by late Psychologist Carl Yung, the Father of Synchronicity. Some say he was obsessed with it. It is the fine structure Constant in Quantum Physics, It is the God number in Qabalah and has something to do with the Tree/ flower of Life.  I see it often and is see 37 often too. Apparently 37 and 73 are huge in terms of numerology and Biblical/ Hebrew correlations. attached is the video explaining this significance. I have no idea why I see it or why my Awakening is marked by it.


Instead of telling you what I believe each repeating number means. I will tell you what 0-9 mean in general terms, I will share tips for transcribing meaning for you and then share my insights into special numbers ie 911, 1212, 1010, 717. I personally believe that the divine, our Angels/ Ascended Masters, Messengers, Higher-selves etc communicate messages and assurances to us. Sometimes they  may warn us of abundance coming into our lives or changes to consider making. they may  remind us to watch our thoughts (The Demon for Insidious may show up on your doorstep if you keep think about him) or to just say “good job Buddy. you are following Divine guidance all will be all good”. Keep in mind that they/ the Divine knows the best way to get your attention. I freaked out the first hardcore lucid dream I had so now I never remember them. If you aren’t into numbers them may send spirit animals or people, books etc. Usually there are multiple platforms in which they get out attention. Numerology is just one easy way they can do this frequently.

Every resources I have come across (the Awakened ones) says the same thing regarding numbers and I agree. If you see a number such as 1111, 222, 333 or any other number that you feel something about such as 303, 477, 686, whatever. Understand it is not coincidence. Stop and reflect what you were thinking about, doing, feeling, contemplating etc. The ultimate insights are in you. So stop and breathe. Look at the number and allow the message to arrive. However this is not easy at first. Initially, if you are in your earlier stages of Awakening as many of you are. I suggest doing the research. You are by reading this but a variety of sources are better. We all have done it. I am a fan of Angels so I like Doreen Virtue. All the numbers are recorded on YouTube. So you can walk around with headphones and search the numbers as you are guided to. Then I listen as I go about my day. The message for me will resonate/ jump out at me. I don’t try and overthink/ analyze each word. Just allow. Below are the very general insights of 0-9. if they are repeating then the energy of /intensity increases. Making the message more significant in a sense. Hence the focus of repeating number 1111 etc. Humans also naturally recognize patters. It’s 2:22 pm currently. Still believe in coincidence?

These numbers are learned and channeled through my insights and that of others.

0=God, the Alpha and Omega. Infinite possibilities, Beginning and Ends, Continuation, Connectivity, infinite unity, Peace, and love, We are God/ Source and God/ Source is us.

1=one is the Individual. It is you higher-self, you ideal self. It represents your goals, desires, drive, passions etc. 1111 is a life Path/ Master Number. is commonly seen as the portal. You are manifesting your destiny with your thoughts and actions so make sure you are focused on what you want.

2=the Pair. The connection or Mind and Body, Mixing of Yin and Yang, Compromise, Physical and Spiritual merging, Collaboration.  222 is the Master Builder Number. Building the physical with Divine guidance.

3=the Trinity, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, Mind-Body-Spirit, Holistic, Balance and Harmony in all areas of health and life. Home, work, personal, mental health, physical health etc. 333 is also a master/ life path number and id the Jesus Number. This is associated with the Ascended Masters includes Jesus, Mary, etc. 333 generally means the ascended masters are bolstering and supporting you. IMG_0290

4=Angels. There are other interpretations of fours but for me it is the Angels, the Arch, Guardian etc. It reminds me that they are always near me, helping whenever inquired, healing, supporting and loving me. As they are for all of us. 44 is a life path/ master number too. IMG_0288

5=Change, many see change as bad. All change is good. It may appear “bad” initially but it is a matter of perception. Change leads to growth and therefore it is always good. A stepping stone to your highest path. 555 means prepare, its coming. I like to go inward and try discern what will change and approximately what is required for this change. What’s the lesson or is it a reward for past karma paid in full. You tend to feel excited when this happens.

6=Family, Home, relationships. This can be your family/ home life needs attention, your family may be growing. Your soul mate is arriving, she is pregnant. You home needs some cleansing, physically and spiritually. Feng Shei, Sage, or put plants in your apartment to liven it up. 666 is NOT a demonic/ Satan number. The make of the beast is bullshit. That is myth and has no actual logical basis in numerology. If you see 666 then do not be afraid. Rather think on your family/ home life.

7=Spirit Path. This refers to you Soul Mission, life Work, Goal. Seeing 777 could mean you are considering or moving towards you spirit mission buy either continuing you path and or making a decision, career move, investment etc. This is very important as finding and following your spirit Mission/ Life Purpose is what puts you in the flow/ precipitates a Spiritual Awakening. It did for me anyway its no wonder my life Path number is 7 (calculating life path number is based on DOB). I spend a lot of time with my Client engaging them in activities to help guide them towards their Soul Mission. This combined with certain practices is what leads to Spiritual Awakening.

8=Abundance, The flow of karma and abundance of all types. 888 is a great number as it (its 2:55pm). It means wealth in the physical, spiritual mental or all three in eminent. Remember this could mean money but wealth is unique. It is freedom, health, loving people in your life etc. It could be your Soul mate who is currently ignoring you but wont forever, etc. When 8 is combined with other numbers it can clue you into what changes are coming. For example 856 means abundance, change, family/ home/ career.  If I am thinking of my future life when 856 pops up then I know this change is very likely to occur and is right for me if I feel good about it.

9=Cycle, nines tell us one cycle, relationship or circumstance is ending and or beginning. When one door closes another opens. This is a good number because it means progress and growth on many levels. My destiny number. Calculating destiny number is based on the vowels in you birth name.

It is not just repeating numbers. I had a hard time find info a=on repeating numbers that were not simply single digits ie 1111, 222 etc. Joanne Sacred scribes is the only one. However I realized that based on my legends above that I could easily interpret the meaning. For example; 818 abundance, individual, abundance. I will have all the abundance I desire and be managing it independently, be grateful, generous and responsible for it.  I saw 477 three time and three different locations yesterday. A major spiritual progression will/ is occurring and the Angels are assisting my throughout this process. They/ God approves of your Souls Mission and activities towards it, Good Job.  535 means that major life (physical) and spiritual changes are occurring or will in your life. The ascended Masters ie JC got your back throughout. This is my way of discerning numbers without spending all day listening to Angel Numbers (with that monotone robot voice). Hopefully it helps. In my research/ experience I noticed some special numbers that certain others notice too. Below are the big ones I and others like me have noted.

911: Light-worker/ Earth Angel/ Indigos/ Earth Warriors etc activation. Call to arms for the light -workers to wake up and get to work. Your focus is on the material and it is time to fulfil your Soul Contract. Find your mission and if you already know then you need to start taking action towards it.

1010, 1001, 10, 1011, 1101: There are many interpretations of binary 1 and 0. The one I like is that you are the threshold. Something is coming to an end while something else is beginning. Take that last step or that first leap. It is your duty to do so. Be fearless. You are in alignment so stop questioning everything have Faith. Just keep following your heart/ intuition.

1212, 1221, 1212: You are one of the Prophesized 144,000 light -workers (or tribal leaders of Israel/ Not literally Jewish people only) to change the world. Not end the world, it is not the Apocalypse in that sense. It is the new paradigm. They are said to have the seal of God on their forehead. Third eye I wonder? I am one who is here to change the world for the better. You may be too if you are seeing 1212 frequently. This is your ultimate reason for your Work/ Soul Mission. This is how I ended up writing this and you reading it. This prophecy is in the book of revelations 7 and 14. It is also reference / mentioned in Egyptian texts and the Kabbalah. There 144,000 stones in the pyramids among other coincidences. I suggest researching this topic. There is way too much to explain here but seek the answers yourself.IMG_0303.JPG

717: Twin Flame activation. 1111, 111, 11 is also part of this portal. Whenever I am thinking of a specific person, which admittedly is often then I see ones and 717. This morning I woke up thinking of her and noted the time at 717.  If you research angel 717 or 1717 then you will find others who agree. That’s about all I can say regarding twins at the moment.

Repeating numbers surrounding central number; 101, 202, 303, 505, etc. These numbers follow the legend but seem to show up when connected with God and God Power.  There is special significance given to 101, 202 etc. there can also be less recognized variations such as It can also be 131, 141, 232, 838, 848, 636 etc, These are also powerful message reminding you have the Divine influence in your every minute.  It’s currently 414 pm.

Couple tips. If you are just beginning to see repeating number then be flexible. If you see 144,577.66 How do you know which numbers are signaling you? the 77, the 66, 44, 577, 57? You just know, slow down, breathe, look again, what jumped out at you? Then go thorough process of deriving meaning.

Note: Regarding three or more numbers.  Doreen Virtue and many numerologist talk about adding the numbers and basing off sum or giving the middle number the most significance. I don’t really prescribe by that but always do you. You can agree on a subconscious method of communication with the Universe/ Divine. What is held true on Earth is also held true in Heaven.

If You are seeing specific numbers and would like guidance than please leave them below.

If You interested in

-developing a Health Mind and Body

-learning your Soil Mission

-having a spiritual awakening

-guidance with your Spiritual Awakening/ Ascension

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