This is the phrase I have been telling myself lately. It is important to respect our Human nature. It is important to forgive ourselves for our human errors. I am not speaking of dismissing or ignoring our emotions. This is not suppression.

What do we do when we are forced to confront change? To confront our pasts ways of operating and dealing with emotions that are no longer congruent with our life Paths, Goals and the people we want to become. Our True-Selves or Higher-Selves. Most of us avoid change at all cost. We do this because with change comes truth. With truth comes pain. With pain comes opportunity. Opportunity to overcome. To Heal. To Grow.

I have been wanting much lately. I have strong desires. In the past, if I wanted something badly I would take it. Like a well conditioned Alpha I would make a plan and go after it. That method served me well but the path is no longer a straight line. It is complex. It zigs and zags. Their is no longer an obvious coarse of action. The only option is to let go. To stop trying to control the outcome despite how badly you desire something or someone. We believe our happiness is dependent on obtaining that object, identity or person. We cling to our past behaviors that we falsely believe brings happiness. We must learn to be happy alone, without attachment, without control, without force. The desire may never leave but our peace can exist without it. It is not giving up but allowing. It is when we truly surrender do we find the happiness and peace we have been so desperate to obtain all along.

When faced with pain and difficulty of change. Look at it as an opportunity for love and peace, growth and knowledge. When your heart aches, your muscles cramp and the fear overwhelms your mind remember this. You are more than Human. You are an old soul who has survived much worse in the past. The Human Spirit is Stronger than worldly suffering. The spirit inside of you is infinite. You have the power of God within you. You have love inside of you. Allow the Divine Love inside of you to bring you peace my Love. Time does not exits. There is only the present. We have always been together and always will be.

Please share with those who may need this message. Thank you for reading. I hope it brings you joy.

If You are interested in Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health/ well-being than please contact me.

Love and Empathy


Dan McGinley RN BSN

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