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The Problem with Evil or Free-Will?

Human Beings are Unique in that we are the only Species in where the majority of individuals do not consistently reach their potential. All Animals/ Mammals presumably strive to be the greatest versions of themselves. Their survival depends on it as does ours. Most of us just do not realize it.

There exists a classic Philosophical argument known as the problem with evil.  The premise is as follows; if God is all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscience), always present (omnipresence) and all loving (omnibenevolence) then how can Evil exists. In other words, if God knows evil will occur and yet chooses to not intervene than is he not somehow indirectly responsible. Is that not the opposite of benevolence? To standby idly as bad things happen to good people. Some Philosopher have argued that God can not exist in the way in which He/She/It has been described. I disagree. The problem is not Evil. It is our Choices. God gives us free-Will. God always recognizes and honors our choice. Therefore we choose to suffer. We can not choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. That’s all fun and dandy when you spill coffee on your uniform as your driving to work and you choose not to Scream every curse word you know because your Kid is in the backseat. What if your Family is slaughtered in front of eyes or you are tortured, raped, abused, etc. What do we do with severe trauma and pain? Obviously it is not so easy to “think Positive” or “everything happens for a reason” and “God has a Plan”. The mere suggestion of such is likely to make one livid. God did not plan for your child to be taken from you. It is not to serve the greater good when someone opens fire into  a crowd of people or fly’s an airplane into a building. This is cause and effect. It is not the Devil and Demons but really fucked people with some serious pain and disordered thinking. We must grieve, process and forgive. We must actually face it with the intention of healing completely from it. Otherwise we carry it around and allow it to decide for us. This old baggage, traumas, disappointments, heart breaks and so on will repeat themselves throughout our lives until we release them one by one.

Sometimes we must choose to let go of the ones we love most. In doing so we let go of the pain and suffering. We understand we have two choices. We can either hold on to the pain we are causing ourselves as we clasp a person, an ideal, an expectation, or piece of our identity. We can let go and hold space. To let go or release does not require one to lose all Hope and Faith. It means to release all expectations, outcomes and results. To stop clinging to certainty that She or He will let you in. That She will return to you. That it will get better. That it wont happen again or this was the last time. We tell ourselves this time and time again. We must stop lying to ourselves. Use our gift of free will and create a better future for ourselves. Manifest what we truly desire and deserve in our lives with intentions and consistent actions. The greatest predictor of Human behavior is past behavior. I say the greatest principle of Human Behavior is it can be what we choose it to be.

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