A recent study discovered that 85% of Americans Hate their jobs. I correlated this statistic with a quote from Les Brown citing a study that 80% of Americans have heart attacks between 8 and 9am Monday morning. Considering heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, one can induce that your Job is going to kill you. Obviously there are many variables and contributing factors but we all know how a shit job can suck our soul from us. Most of us hate our jobs and when you aren’t rationalizing why your job is worth your life you admits this to yourself. For those who are new to my blogs, I quite two jobs in the span of two weeks recently. One job I held for three years and the other one for one week. I realize my story and circumstances are different than yours but then again they really aren’t. So how does one know when their job is killing them and what to do about it.

There is a lot of bullshit out there about “Why should you stay or quite your job, top 10 reasons your job sucks etc”. The only actual science I found on the topic is as follows. The top 5 qualities people seek in a career. The objective of this Blog to discuss these factors in detail and then offer some tips to finding your life purpose and how to transition out of a toxic job.

  1. The People: We want to work with good people. People who bring each other up, support each other and are true professionals. Sound like your work? I was a Registered Nurse for over 8 years. There is a saying that Nurses eat their young. This is true. Not only did I experience it I saw it all the time. When I transferred from the “Floor” (medical/ surgical units) to ICU there were many Nurses who see a new Nurse as someone they must inform is not nearly as smart as they are. ICU Nurses generally have the biggest most fragile of Ego’s, havening worked in most specialties, I can say they are just different, no better or worse. Eventually I was training new Nurses and I always made them feel valued. If you your job is filled with negative people then you feel it. My last job was pretty damn cut throat. How is yours? If you are on the Spiritual or Self/ Life improvement phase of your life then you will have a very hard time being around your negative, self-serving, self-defeating coworkers. It becomes unbearable but eventually you are grateful to them for motivating your change.
  2. Sense of Purpose: People want to feel like they are part of something important. That their work has value. I once believed whole heartedly that my work was important and it was. I was helping people in many ways. I was relieving pain and anxiety during procedures, assisting in diagnostic exams, or sometimes literally saving a life of a child or adult. However, the more aware I became of the ability of lifestyles, diet, happiness, spirituality eg, to potentially cure most people of their chronic diseases. I began to understand I could truly save lives and prevent unnecessary  suffering and death for masses of people. I found my Soul/ life purpose. Does your job even come close to your potential? Probably not if you are reading this?
  3. Opportunity: People want to grow. Our minds and our souls need this to thrive. When you can see the preverbal glass ceiling then it makes being motivated difficult at best. Someday you may get to be supervisor! Yippee! My last position had way too many supervisors. My direct one was not going anywhere despite her lack of qualifications and daily misconduct/ lack of leadership skills. Made the concept of implementing positive change a joke.
  4. Value: People need validation. They need to be respected and they need be treated fairly. They need to feel valued. Saying it one a month doesn’t cut it. Show them. I would make efforts to improve processes, trained every new hire after hire and was never truly acknowledged. If you feel the same it may be time to quit.
  5. Pay: this is obvious, not enough money on Earth is worth your Health.


So what do we do? We all have bills. I get that. It’s not easy throwing in the towel without a back up. So start making a back up plan.  First thing first, start saving some money. Get serious about this because it is easy to get stuck in the cycle of paycheck to paycheck. I cased out my retirement and it was the best financial decision or decision in general of my life. The first thing I do with my Clients is a thorough assessment. Not just physical and mental health but Spiritual as well. I developed activities to help people find their life purpose or soul mission. You have to look to your passions, hobbies and desires. Start engaging them and ask yourself if you could do anything and get paid more money for what would you do? Obviously do some introspection and don’t just say Porn. The lie you believe is what you are told. There are no other options. I once believed this too but here is why it is false.

Self-made millionaires are highly studied individuals. They have certain qualities and characteristics that we can all develop. Here are a few big ones. They have a dream or clear vision. They believe in themselves and the possibility of their dream becoming a reality. They wont stop until they make this a reality They work on themselves daily. Its not about doing what others are doing or have done. Its about adding value to the world. If I were to tell you my grand world vision you would think I was bat shit crazy. When I quit my job and launched my site they thought I was crazy too. They do not see my vision as I do nor do they know that I will make massively more money for the work I am doing now then I ever did or would have as a RN. When you find that dream/ vision. Hold it tight! Most people will hate to watch you rise because they don’t like the position they are “choosing” to remain in. As Dr, Ethan Thomas aka ET stated “First you find your passion….then you spend every day of your natural life going after it!”

Some positive marketplace news you probably wont find in Forbes 500. The number of millionaires in throughout the world (especially America) is growing exponentially There will be more self-made millionaires created in 2017 than throughout all of history combined. That thing called the internet leveled the playing field. Most of the jobs people lost in 2008 are gone. Never returning. Technology is changing everything. The old jobs and notion that you go to college and then slave away your whole life to retire and day is over. A degree these days is not nearly what it was once worth. It is  4-5 times the price though. Inflation and cost of living is so out of control that retirement is unlikely for most people. You were not born to struggle and suffer. It is imperative you discover you true power and overcome your fears. Your survival depends on it.

This thing called the internet contains all or most of  the Human Knowledge which double every year now. Why are you playing candy crush and watching porn if you hate your job? Its time to change.




Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley RN BSN






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