Below is part of a basic yet extensive Nutrition Education I provide My clients and is Included in the Holisitic Self-Health Detox program (An awesome, Unorthodox,  self-mastery, Self-Health, Self-Improvement and life improvement program) the likes of which the World has never seen, currently on sale for $39.99 USD through October 29, 2017.

I am giving to the World because it is desperately needed. Enjoy!

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Carbohydrates 101

Unfortunately Carbs have gotten a bad wrap in the last five years or so. Just like fat in 90’s Carbs have been the victim of smear campaigns and Witch Hunts rooted more in Propaganda than Science.

How does one make sense of it all?

Fear not, I have done all the hard work for you.

First we must acknowledge Carbs for their awesomeness and properly define them.

Our bodies require carbohydrates as its most efficient energy source. Your Brain(the most metabolic organ in the Human Body) requires glucose constantly as the lack thereof results in seizure-coma-death. I have seen this happen following a lethal dose of insulin (not administered by me) and it is not pretty.

How can this be with all this High-Protein low-carb diets ie Atkins, keto.

When you deplete your body of essential carbohydrates it is the equivalent to starving it (biologically). Your body enters a state of ketosis then ketoacidosis. It utilizes its fat and protein (body fat and muscle) stores/ or dietary sources to create glucose. The result is temporary weight-loss, altered metabolism resulting long-term weight gain and compromised health from all the meat, eggs and dairy you have been consuming to maintain such a mislead endeavor.

Glucose is the end result of all carbohydrate consumption. All carbohydrate and as you now realize occasionally protein and fat consumption (when survival depends on it) is Glucose. It is the molecule required in Glycolysis or cellular respiration which gives us the ability to live among other things.

The healthiest foods are carbohydrate based ie fruits and veggies.

Simple Carbohydrates: These are your sugars. Candies, sodas, juices, and most if not all processed foods (anything in a jar or package) has likely been juiced up with preservative or sweetener such as high fructose corn syrup ( this chemical hides under the guise of 30 plus names; If you can’t pronounce it then do not eat it).
These are generally the ones to avoid. High sugar diets will lead to obesity hence the hatred. The sugar enters the blood stream so quickly in such high volume that the body must convert it to fat and store it. It was once believed that Insulin, the hormone responsible for storing glucose/ sugar was only secreted in response to the consumption of it. Recent studies have proven Meat/ Animal Protein causes significantly higher levels of Insulin than any carbohydrate comparatively. I am still awaiting a public apology/ recognition from the Paleo Proponents and my eldest brother on this finding.

Note: in times of distress, shock and hard training then juices and simple sugars may be required and beneficial.

Breads and grains: this particular food group has been the butt of abuse and neglect in the nutrition world. All grains, oats, and breads have unfairly been lumped into the “unhealthy” group based on weak evidence at best.
There is more quality evidence supporting the health benefits of Whole wheat, Oats and grains. Much more than say meat and eggs but I digress and will address that issue in the Protein section.

Complex Carbohydrates: Vegetables, Fruit, Whole Wheat ie breads and certain cereals (note the need to say 100% Whole Wheat on the package or no Bueno). Pastas, Crackers, Oats and ancient grains. They are complex because they have longer chains of “glucose” or saccharides/ polysaccharides, these foods also have fiber (including fruit which is accused of being simple at times). The result is the breakdown and release glucose slowly. Making them great at maintaining natural energy levels and weight.

Note: I discuss the benefits of Fiber on a later handout.

What about Gluten?
This topic pains me to discuss because despite the scientific evidence suggesting time and time again the Gluten is unlikely the culprit for all your life and health issues many still insist. If you feel guided or inclined to avoid gluten than get the gluten free grain. Just drop the high protein low carb concept before it kills you.Gluten Guy

Most importantly: Carbohydrate based foods, including whole wheats and oats are the most nutritious in terms of fiber (the promotion of detox/ waste elimination, prebiotic, etc). Micronutrient (Phytochemicals, antioxidant, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, etc.). These are the substances involved in healing and supporting us on a cellular level.

Take Home: it ok to eat bread again, just make sure it whole wheat. If you only enjoy white breads than you are probably going die in a decade or two or you are in first grade still. Considering the statistics, if your American then yes premature death in imminent even for children. Eat your fruits and veggies. This never changes regardless of the fad diet.These are the healthiest foods and contain the most micronutrients and fiber. Contrary to popular belief they are not making you fat. If you disagree then I respect your opinion but ask yourself how informed is your opinion, I assure you mine is quite informed and you are welcome to research the topic yourself. How has following the conventional wisdom been working out for you? That good?


3 thoughts on “The Lack of Carbs is Not Only Making US Fat, it’s Making Us Sick.

  1. I like your simplistic approach. People complicate carbs too much. I eat my carbs once a day for dinner and I do not limit them too much . I always prefer whole grain and root vegetables but once in a while I’ll have the white ones.


    1. I just published Dietary Principles which is a way to look at food in general. It is opposite of the standard which is why it will lead those who follow it to physical Health. I just read that early Humans ate much more carbohydrates than the majority of us them credit them for. The natural Human diet is carbohydrate based. Just make sure they are quality carbs and you are all good my dear. Thanks for the comment.

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