It’s somewhat ironic that I just finished a blog (the darkside of Spiritual Awakening) about the fatigue and discomfort from this process. In the true essence of duality, polarity and just extremes; there is a flip side. Like snorting a rail of fairy dust you get juiced on elated Spiritual energy following the lethargy and emotional/ physical pain. I understand the comparison to Bipolar disorder now. You spend days, possibly weeks sleeping excessively, feeling dark an depressed. Like a true Emo teenager you simply want to be left alone to brood over your pain. At some point it passes and you enter a state of boundless natural energy (I slept maybe two hours last night). It is the best feel good, high on life energy I have ever Known. The creativity, drive, love, gratitude and manifestation flows from you. This is the God state we humans get a taste of.  I feel it is important to mention I am seeing 111, 1111, 107, 717, 1010, 110 1212, 1221, 101 more than I normally do. I see repeating numbers/ Angel Numbers frequently as is and can discuss those/ my interpretation in another Blog if the interest arises. If you are curious about the above mentioned numbers they pertain, at this time for me to Manifestation Strength, the 144,000, Twin Flame activation among others. I realize that this high can’t last forever as my physical body will eventually need sleep. The purpose of these very positive manic episodes is to get some work done! Get on your soul Mission, Healing, take your loved ones out to lunch as penance for being such a Dick during the fatigue/ depression stage.

It’s like the movie Braveheart, the closing scene, Mel Gibson is being tortured and then yells FREEEEDDDDOMMMM!!! That’s how it feels when the darkness lifts, only you do not die, you live an awesome life.

You could consider this embodying your Higher-Self.

Mel Gibson Kyle


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