Kundalini: Fatigue, Head Pressure, Emotional Turmoil and Spontaneous Ejaculation Oh My!

This is a topic that is not discussed many places. I have been struggling with this and felt it may be helpful to share my insights. Fist we must learn what is Kundalini Energy and Why does this occur?

Kundalini is the primal energy source. It stems from our lowest Chakra and is involved in sexuality, orgasm changes, Healing, Spiritual Growth  and is/can be activated/ intensified through cleansing the mind of limiting beliefs, sound nutrition, meditation, making intuitive life decisions, etc and or when one discovers Twin flame/ soulmate etc. (see my Blog on Sexuality and Twins). spiritual-soul-mate-1The coiled snake slumbering at the base of the spine. When it awakens it can literally fuck your shit up big time. There is simply no easier way to put this. If you have toxic body as many of us do in the United States than it can almost kill you. In fact many people who have this experience will tell you it lead to a near death experience. This snake/ Kundalini is nothing new. It is represented in all ancient religions, not just Eastern ones. The snakes is represented in the Medicine Emblem, The snake on Moses staff, The snake in the Garden of Eden (only demonized by the Church) offering knowledge. There are many other examples but the purpose here is not to discuss Ancient Symbolism but rather tell you my story and assist others who are experiencing this.kundaliniemergingCR

As I mention in my Awakening Blog, I never experienced a profound obvious kundalini vs my third eye opening. It all seemed to hit me at once and apparently this can happen. I suspect that because I had been living a relatively clean lifestyle with exercise, diet and mental detoxing prior to my Awakening, that the Kundalinini energy started to release and flow more subtly. The snake awoke gently  vs someone stepping on its tail abruptly. For those who are fixated on having a Kundalini Awakening I suggest asking yourself what your true motives are first. If you are hoping to have more energy, better orgasms and more sex then you are missing the point. I had a lot more intercourse (been celebrant since my awakening) and energy prior to kundalini/ spiritual awakening. If you are trying to force it then it is unlikely going to happen. I offer coaching on this process and can require months of clean eating, mental detox prior to prompting Kundalini. There are many ways to know if you your Kundalini is active. Some have a very profound experience when Kundalini awaken for the first time. They feel a warm energy shooting up from the base of the spine to the crown. I have felt this but only during orgasm (sorry for TMI but it is the sexual primal energy). They feel body aches, pains, hot/ cold flashes, emotional outburst/ liability, ranging from elation to rage to depression. They experience waves of energy and extreme fatigue periodically. Essentially all the Ascension/ Awakening  symptoms are in some way related and or attributed to Kundalini as the two are synonymous and I personally do not see the point in classifying the two separately. Perhaps it is just me but I have never had a moment where Kundalini is active and my third eye/ awakening is not. Furthermore my Kundalini has been active since this process began and the process is cyclical in nature. Just as one issue is dealt with/ released there is a brief respite then my mind is blown once more. So what are the symptoms? Why do they occur? and how does one deal with them? Based on my experiences, insights and research I offer the following. Remember we are all different but none the less I have noticed strong correlations in symptomology among others. kundalini-awakening

Symptomology, rationale and suggetions: Extreme fatigue, there is an attempt to explain this biologically. The effects that occur with pineal gland/ third eye and the feedback systems between melatonin, DHT, and the adrenals leading to adrenal insufficiency and high cortisol levels. Leading to fatigue, increased appetite, lethargy etc. Compared to hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue symptoms. I have seen many patients with new onset hypothyroidism and this is fatigue is much worse and varies. For example I have spent the last four days sleeping approximately 16 or more hours a day. I have no energy to do the most basic tasks. Others who have gone through this have lost jobs because they simply can not work. Headaches/ Migraines/ Sinus Pressure/ Head fells like it is going to explode. I had the worst pressure in my head/ face/ third eye/ foreheard. I believe that this I due to Kundalini energy congested throughout your spine/ Chakra alignment, Specifically crown attempting release. This is also why strange sexual symptoms occur. I feel awkward always talking about my very personal orgasms but I have no doubt it is related. ARABELLA-Kundalini-energy-2014-09-22Spontaneous Orgasms/ wet dreams are not uncommon. I am 33 years old and haven’t had a wet dream since I was 12 prior to this. Again Kundalini is rising and needs to escape one way or another. This can also be attributed to the massive hormonal changes related and suspect sex hormones are also upregulated/ down regulated periodically. Like being 13 all over again but yet not. If you are thinking this could just be a strange flu? well here is an easy way to know the difference. There is no fever or source of infection. Sinus pressure but no congestion, no cough, etc. If you are uncertain then please seek medical attention.  Why does this occur? If you are experiencing a true Kundalini awakening then you likely are fully aware of this by now. Just ask your guides and higher self and it becomes obvious.  If not then seek medical attention. Otherwise accept it and be grateful. How to cope? These practices where delivered to me in my time of need via others, inner knowing etc.Image converted using ifftoany

1.) Be Grateful: This is a “positive” experience as you are undergoing great changes. You are releasing old drama, baggage, blockages whatever is no longer serving your health and higher purpose. This process is bringing you closer to your perfect/ ideal life, your Soul Purpose, Health, Awareness, Enlightenment, etc. You are becoming a Supersaen or a Jedi. This is an Honor so embrace the pain. It is temporary and Gratitude will expedite the process. Think of it as a rapid holistic detox. If you loose your shitty toxic job then be grateful, if you feel like you have so much work and things to do then remember this. Your Soul/ Higher Self/ True-Self care not for time and all your needs (physical, financial, etc) will be met with Faith and trust. Stop worrying and be gentle with yourself. It is easy to loose your shit and break down and you will. Its ok, do what you must. This is the release. If you project on someone apologize later. I did yesterday and wrote The Darkside of Spiritual Awakening.

2.) Seek Guidance/ Support: Go inward and attack the pain head on. Do not suppress or blame. If you do just remember this is a normal conditioned response and when ready bring the pain and emotions backup. Talk to your spiritual guides/ God/ Higher self. How ever you do this that’s all you. I pray and converse with my Angels/ Ascended Masters, my spirit, God. Its all collectively the Divine or Universe as you are learning right? So pray to your God for clarity, strength, insight and love or find it within. This can mean scouring the internet for validation. If you are lead to this blog I am officially validating you. Stay strong my love, you will overcome this and be stronger. If you are too tired to sit and meditate then lay in bed with some 432 mgz binaural beats and love yourself. If you are fortunate enough to have a tribe (spiritually aware social support group) then they will help you. I do not yet and realize many of you do not either. The World is just starting to wake up and I feel like I am on the fast track program as I started only months ago and here I am. I like to tell myself this anyway.

3.) Forgive thyself: A Human Angel delivered me this one today and it came to me from within as I was meditating last night. I forgave myself for being exhausted. For being “lazy”. For not living up to my self-imposed worldly expectation. Put yourself first. Its ok. You need to recover just as if you had the actual flu that last a week or more. Remember your soul does not recognize time and all your needs will be met through trust, faith and love.

4.) Pay attention and Go after it: If you are being guided to write Blogs about your experience. Move somewhere, leave a job or relationship, quit dinking/ drugs. Whatever your current need is for your soul mission then do what you must. I write about my daily awakening experience and share it with the world if I do one thing that day. I should shower, brush my teeth or do dishes but this is what I feel guided to do.  I feel better while doing it. I sit, channel write, occasionally spell check and publish. This is the rough draft and final as all my writing is.

5.) Respect your Humaness: Eat, pray, sleep love and LAUGH: Do whatever self love behaviors you know how. Do no fight the process or you will end up worse. The Kundalini is cleansing you on a cellular level. If you decide to snort cocaine or take stimulants to remedy the fatigue it will catch up and hurt badly. Not that I have ever attempted such things. Eat fresh raw fruits and vegetable. Relax, breath, meditate. Again, pray, Sleep as much as you need. We are conditioned to fight sleep in our society. Its ok to sleep when you require it always. Sleep is how we process and metabolize stress hormones such as cortisol. This hormone is also why some gain weight during the Awakening. Sleep is also when you Spirit can freely connect with God/ Source Energy and gain assistance. You may have lucid dreams during this time. Be thankful for those who love you and the ones you love. They are with you spiritually always. As is The Divine. Remember you are not alone despite how you are feeling. Watch something funny

Considering the Topic I leave you with this:

I cried, Slept a ton, meditated, Prayed, ate Raw clean food, lots of Epsom Salt baths, Herbal tea, water, supplements, occasionally jizzing in my pants and I am better. This is not the last time you will experience this so it is good to start a routine. On the up and up about to embrace the flipside. Thank you God, the Universe, The Divine and Higher Self. I love you guys.


Hope this is Helpful!

Love and Empathy

Dan McGinley RN BSN



Author: Dan McGinley RN BSN

Authentic Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse. Serving Humanity through the dissemination of Truth and Knowledge. Offering Nutritional support, Mental/ Emotional Control/ Healing and Spiritual Awareness. Developer of The Holistic Self-Health Detox. An Unorthodox, Practical and Effective Self-mastery Program. Personal intensive Coaching available.

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