Irony: Meat Eating Men have Lower Testosterone

For years I tried to rationalize meat consumption. I was aware of all the horrid animal abuse, chemical and hormone baths and cocktails. Who could forget the study that found fecal contamination in 100% of the samples tested in all meat (beef, chicken, pork) in multiple locations. I thought, well shit I guess its organic only for me and for a time it was good. Morally I felt better that my dinner was slaughtered only after a long enjoyable life of free ranging, grass eating and concentration camp free living. I also felt good about the lack of feces on my Filet.  I could risk a little heart disease, maybe some cancer, a little renal failure for the occasional burger or steak. Until I came across a  study looking at testosterone levels in Carnivore vs Vegetarian vs Vegan men. The meat eating bros had significantly less serum testosterone levels than both groups  and the Vegan males had the most (the study was also looking at IGF levels and prostate CA risk as well and yes meat consumption increased prostate CA risk) This is independent of exercise. Not surprising when you look at the massive amounts of studies looking at diet and exercise. Exercise is great to a point but added to a “healthy” diet the results are doubled to tripled. In fact studies have shown that vegetable based diets alone are superior to reducing body fat (not BMI/ it’s not muscle gain balancing the equation) but I digress. Now true there are many things effecting healthy testosterone levels such as sleep, stress, exercise (type and frequency), Low T advertisements and apparently Carnivorous diets which the researchers controlled quite well. How can this be you ask? What about all those body builders? Steroids. Ok so why are Vegan dudes all skinny and lacking guns. Where are we supposed to get our protein? Whey? is whey safe?roid bro

Its time to face the facts Brah. There is simply no need and more known health risks than rumored benefits to consuming meat, eggs and dairy. Yes I said it and only after years of studying this topic do I concede to the Vegans on this. I understand your mind is being blown as mine once was but allow me to explain via a brief mini meta-analysis.Strong-Fat-Guys

1.) Paleo founders/ Authors do not understand or know what the diets of early humans were like . They make a ton of assumptions and Yes we early humans ate meat. Can we really compare the chemical/ hormone/ feces contaminated beef to mammoth. (the fruits and vegetable varieties were also much more nutrient dense) Cave men also did not die of prostate Cancer and or heart disease at age 55, they likely died at 25. Yes its true Humans can eat and survive on meat but clearly something has changed and we aren’t thriving on it now. So in the world of abundance why risk low T or premature death?

2.) Human beings are not as omnivorous as once thought. We are told many lies as children and one that we can’t seem to let go of is the notion that Humans are more like bears than monkeys. The anthropological evidence of early humans diets proves two things. We can survive on prehistoric animals (like the fruits and vegetables of the time were nutrient rich/ toxin free) and we were making dietary decisions based on survival not research. Our closest animal brothers are Chimpanzees. We share 98% of the same genetic make up/ DNA (all humans share 99.9% DNA). I could honestly not find the genetic dissimilarities among Bears and Humans but Cats are about 60% so around 60ish?. Our intestines are longer and more similar to the Chimps and omnivores are much closer to predators/ carnivores. So are their jaws, teeth, stomach acids, fiber requirements etc. Chimps are Frugivorous. Their diets are high in fruits, veggies, nuts/ seeds, insects and rarely carrion as is mine (I cut down on insect after my Spiritual Awakening). The reason Humans have an affinity for meat is the same reason we enjoy honey or Crack.  Salty, Sweet (glucose) and fatty foods are rare in nature and when consumed they illicit a pleasure response. The release of dopamine, endorphins and or serotonin that reinforces the behavior. This is the same mechanism that occurs when using drugs, smoking, gambling, social media and porn.

3.) The quality of your protein is more important than the quantity. Yes quality is my mantra and protein is no different. Consider a human baby doubles her weight at 6 months and triples it by 12 months all based on breast milk containing only 1% protein. The lowest among most mammals. The RDA recommends about 30% which is a number they came up through the assumptions and limited science of the time. They may have well drawn the number out of a hat and as far as any one can tell they did just that. There is also an issue of absorption and utilization. It doesn’t absorb well and it’s not utilized/ converted to skeletal muscle. We can not store protein in sufficient quantities, therefore excess is excreted through the kidneys in urine (hence the association with kidney disease) and of course the bowel where it sat longer than nature intended and fed the flesh eating bacteria/ flora and further disrupted the fiber hungry health flora.  I elaborate on the health risks of meat consumption in my Blog Low-Health High-Death Blog and Symbiosis: Pre-biotics Blog coming soon.

4.) So what is a Brah supposed to do to make continued Gains? The solution is simple. vegetable protein. Yes veggies have protein and you can get a lot of it if you know what you are doing and with your improved testosterone levels you wont require as much as you have been told you require. No will you need to join the millions of men with “low T”.  There are many Vegan protein supplements with a variety of aminos from various veggie sources. There are seeds and powders from Hemp which contains all essential amino acids. Sacha Inchi is another option for more grams of protein and again all the essential amino acids. Here is why plant protein is superior in every way imaginable than say animal based and whey. It has greater absorption. Natural food contain digestive enzymes in the food allowing one absorb and utilize the nutrients contained.  The more processed or out of sync the food source is, the more difficult it is to extract the nutrients. Your body says fuck it just keep dumping hydrochloric acid on it until we burn a hole in his esophagus. It has fiber. Fiber is essential to detox as the majority of waste in the human body leaves it in the form of stool aka poop/ shit. High fiber diets also feed those little healthy GI bacteria/ flora which are responsible for things healthy in the human body (almost). Natural foods are pre-biotics. The reason Predators and omnivores have such short intestines is because meat rots and festers when it sits too long. In other words it is sitting in your colon rotting, disrupting the Flora and likely causing colon cancer. Your farts and poop do not need to smell so deadly. If you eat less and more veggies you can fart in public and chances are no one will notice. Comes in handy when dating and you have yet to pass the its ok if you fart in front of me stage. Finally it has micronutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals galore. Yes many whey product are fortified with vitamins, again they are synthetic and like all synthetic vitamins they do not absorb nearly as well. Whey is a dairy product, excess of milk from cheese production and void of nutrition.

I realize many of you are in doubt but feel free to research this topic for yourself if you feel so bold. You may be think it is carb free and that’s a good thing right? I will not elaborate in this particular Blog but current studies have proven meat (animal protein) increases Insulin response greater than even the simplest of carbs. Likely being a greater contributor to obesity and diabetes (type II) than anyone cares to admit. There is one more important point to make in regards to meat consumption. It is destroying our planet. The greatest contributors to climate change is the collective meat industry >51%. Furthermore it is a major fresh water consumer. One McDonald burger patty requires 20 gallons of water to produce. scared Cow

Denial is a natural response but it does not change the current science. Lets summarize, the currents science “suggest” that meat, dairy and egg consumption increases risk for heart disease, stroke, many cancers, Renal disease, autoimmune disease, low Testosterone. It is not necessary even for Athletes, It does not help one lose weight (in the long term as I will point out in later Blogs). It is destroying our Planet and consuming our fresh water. Oh and I almost forgot it requires barbaric torture of our Animal Bros. So I simply do not see the point any longer. They say you are what you eat. You can eat Life or Death, Love of Fear. Happy veggies

Love and Empathy

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Dan McGinley RN BSN

Author: Dan McGinley RN BSN

Authentic Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse. Serving Humanity through the dissemination of Truth and Knowledge. Offering Nutritional support, Mental/ Emotional Control/ Healing and Spiritual Awareness. Developer of The Holistic Self-Health Detox. An Unorthodox, Practical and Effective Self-mastery Program. Personal intensive Coaching available.

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