All things are possible to him that believeth”  Mathew 19:26

“No one can deny the one who wont be Denied”  Billy Alsbrooks

The duality of our existence can be seen everywhere and in everything, especially inside of ourselves. It is the Good and Evil, Positive and Negative, Light and Dark, Hot and Cold, Man and Woman, Yin and Yang, East and West, War and Peace,  Success and Failure,  Life and Death and so forth. We like to consider them as opposites or counter forces. Constantly in contrast and competing with one another. This is a lie. For you can not have light without darkness. Without War can one recognize and seek peace? Without failures can we achieve success? We must see the darkness for what it is. It is us and it exist so we may grow and evolve. To be all we were created to be. I have recently embraced a life of Faith/ love/ Light over Fear/ Hate/ Darkness. This is what I have learned.heart

Faith requires fear. It is not an act of Faith if it is not accompanied by fear. The fear of the unknown, the uncertainty, the doubt, the lack, the rejection, the desire and the suffering must be embraced. The greater our destiny or our life purpose/ Soul mission the more we must face fear. It is the process of overcoming our fears that hardens us. Like the Phoenix we must emerge from the ashes of our former selves. We become the one worthy of our Dreams. As I continue in my personal physical, mental and spiritual transformation I realize an important fact. I have always had the power and ability inside of me. The more of my fears I embrace and  overcome with love, the stronger the power of God dwelling inside of me becomes. I have been to cause of my suffering as we all are. The battle is internal, always! “If there is no enemy within then the enemy without can do us no harm“- African Proverb. What we do not master will master us. If you desire success then work on yourself. Own all of it. Your problems, your emotions, your pain, all of it.  Your dreams and fears are yours and can only be overcome and lived by YOU!barghest

It is time to Arise Warriors! Find your light and allow it to shine brightly. Allow it to heal your wounds and be who God intended you to be! It’s time to Grind and Love my Brothers and Sisters! Find your purpose and go get it! Supersaen

I have been struggling with some lingering doubts and intense emotions lately. It is easy to crawl into your hole. The illusionary walls we build to protect our fragile egos. We withdrawal not to heal but to hide. It easy to feel sorry for yourself. You may  need to grieve and that is ok. Recognize your grief, move through it and move one. Sooner or later you will be forced to make decision. I decided for the last time that I will not be denied. I will not deny myself my greatest life possible! My Integrity! My Family! My Success! My Relationships! My Influence! My Love! My Peace! My Power! My Strength! My Resolve! My Future will not be Denied me and I dare any Man, Woman, Darkness, Fear, or the Devil himself to attempt to stop me. I dare my ego to get in my way once more. I have undergone many ego deaths recently and any remnants are in hiding. I am coming for you! It is already mine and I can not deny this another day! I will have it or I will die in the process of obtaining it. This is the cost of peace, love, and self-mastery. It is a cost I would pay in full, time and time again. The alternative is living death. Which do you choose? Fear or Faith? Life or Death? Phoenix

The first Step to following your heart, living in faith and love is to discover what your heart/ spirit desires, your why and the barriers/ challenges you are presently facing. It sounds obvious and it is. The problem is fear prevents most of us from ever looking inward.

I am giving away exercises and assessment tools I use with clients to assist them in this process.

Exercises to assist in Determining YOUR Values, Inner/ Spiritual Desires, your why and Passions are available to you.

I will be giving away Nutrition Guides, Meditation Techniques, and Affirmation resources periodically.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more life improvement guidance and insights.

The simplest of things can change your life!

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“Destiny is Obligated by Universal Law to Concede to the Demands of Unwavering Faith and I BELIEVE!”

Bill Oslbrook






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