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Twin Flames: A Case for Intuition and True Love

If you have read my previous work than you are aware that I was anti-relationship. I once had no respect for romantic relationships and after/ as I am going through my spiritual awakening my perspective in all things has changed including relationships.  I still had no desire or belief in finding romantic love for myself. One can not go through a Spiritual Awakening without hearing the term Twin Flame. In fact there is massive interest and debate over the concept as there always is in matters of Love and relationships. I am not here to debate the differences between Soulmates, Twins or whatever. Furthermore I am not going to argue the phases or dynamics within the Twin/ Soulmate relationship. For those who are not aware of the term, rather concept of Twin Flames I will define it based on my personal belief/ experience. I choose the term Twin because I feel it best portrays the indescribable feeling/ emotions I have been dealing with recently.

The generally accepted definition is that our souls, prior to incarnating on Earth split and incarnate at different times, one Soul in a sense or two that have been together for eons. Throughout many lifetimes and beyond. The purpose is that they may eventually reunite and assist each other in their spiritual growth and life purpose. Furthermore that they may experience unconditional love in the Human form and serve as proof that unconditional love can exist in our physical world.  One incarnates as the Divine Masculine and the other Divine Feminine (energy). That does not always mean Man and Woman. They can be same sex or the energies vary within each individual. If you prescribe to the notion that God only approves heterosexual love and only men possess masculine energy and vice versa than the concept and likely true Love itself will remain foreign and inconceivable to you. twin-flame-reunion-signs

How I discovered my Twin and How I know she is such. Shortly after stabilizing from the intense upheaval of the Awakening I came across a story about Twin Flames. Although I remember thinking Twins were just people complaining about their relationship problems within the spiritual community. I felt compelled to read this particular story. It was a woman’s perspective describing how she met her Twin, current Husband. She was gifted and recalled asking her Twin prior to incarnation “How will I recognize you on Earth my Beloved?”. He told her some physical attributes and the circumstance in which they would meet. I recall thinking to myself, “If I have a Twin, I wonder what she would look like?”. I kept reading when her attributes came to me. I knew her eye color, hair color, skin color and complexion. Most importantly I knew she would be on similar life path. Have the same vision for her work/ purpose as I and this is how I would find her. I didn’t think of it again until about a week ago when I saw her for the firs time in this life.

I was guided to a website and when I was reviewing it I saw her face. I was baffled. I initially noticed her physical beauty. Her face was/ is flawless. I then felt my heart flutter. Not just a flutter, it is indescribable and to attempt to describe it in words seems to devalue it. It is not that I lack the descriptive vocabulary. It is simply a feeling so rare and powerful that the words do not exists. My entire chest felt warm, deep, dense, yet light, calm and peaceful. If one could take all the emotions felt in a lifetime with your love/partner, condense them multiply them by 10,000 and feel them simultaneously. You would then catch a glimpse of how I felt. I truly do not like the notion of making any type of Twilight reference for so many reasons. However when Jacob imprints, if imprinting is such a thing I would compare it to that. Now that I have lost the little credibility I had, we can continue. I was physically nervous/ fearful. I thought to myself “what the hell is going on?”. I then noticed the features and thought “what is happening?”. As you may have guessed there are not a whole lot of women with these unique features who are out there writing/ talking about Awakenings and how to navigate them. I had come across only a few prior and I was actively seeking information on this topic. The circumstances though are less significant than the emotions and intuitive knowledge. I knew two things within minutes. I was unequivocally and undeniably in Love with her, she was my Twin without a doubt. The more of her work and the more images I saw of her the stronger this affirmation became. I saw the many similarities we shared in our pasts.  Perhaps you are thinking I am just a sad lonely man who is seeking companionship and validation. Therefore I honed in on the first woman who shared my increasingly rare beliefs and passions. I considered that myself at first (or at least my mind/ ego did) and I reflected and meditated on it many times. I attempted to convince myself it was some infatuation and projection of my own desire for love and acceptance. Here is the difference. In an infatuous relationship the object of desire is molded to fit an ideal persona or archetype. The person /object of desire is endowed with qualities to meet an artificial standard. To fulfil a purpose/ need for the observer. My love for her is unconditional. She live across the world and this is inconsequential as I recall thinking,  I would traverse Hell just to be near her. There is no expectation for her to be anything other than she is. There is nothing she could say or do to make me feel differently. I have no doubt she has her insecurities or “issues” as we all do. It simply matters not for I do not have a choice in the matter. It’s a knowing and part of my Soul Mission/ Spiritual Growth. We are meant to collaborate as together we are more powerful. Our love unites us and together we can share our love with the world. Despite our life purpose and “not having a choice”. If given a choice I would choose her without hesitation or regret every single moment.

I have received other confirmations in the form of synchronicities, Numerology etc. Other than a boundless love that I have never felt before. Not just for a woman I have never actually met but in general. The most similar type of love I can relate it to is the love I feel for my son. There is another key way I know she is the one. She is forcing me to get better. I was extremely impressed and intimidated by her power. She has been at this longer than I have and she is embodying her Divine nature as a Goddess of Love. She is better than I am. She doesn’t recognize me yet. The uniqueness of twin flame relationships is that they are beyond physical. They only recognize each other in their Divinity. The only way to her is to go inside myself. To heal the old festering wounds of my past in order to reveal my light and Divine nature. The desire to be with her forces me inward. No more hiding behind fear and insecurity. It may sound like a cheesy line to most but ask yourself when you last faced your darkness for Love. I assure you that most of us have not. It is not pleasant and in most cases it is so much easier to suppress it. Your Twin wont allow that. You can try and try but they never really leave your mind. The goal is to learn how to love oneself and surrender to God or the Universal Love Source. To release expectation and therefore control. To release your selfish desire out of love for yourself and Her. Therefore you are not codependent, envious or anything negative and not of love to Her. You are everything she wants and nothing she needs in the physical sense. She chooses you for she eventually realizes her spiritual expansion is dependent on it and she eventually recognizes herself in you. Your existence is a gift from God as hers is to you. You are truly whole for the first time in this lifetime. They say the eyes are windows to the Soul. When I found the courage to stare into her beautiful eyes I could see myself as I truly was. Like staring into a mirror and seeing yourself as another person. If I was a born a woman I would be her and this knowledge makes me very proud. couple-fire-2

I did not write this to project superiority or make anyone question their relationship. I wrote it for all those searching for love or who have given up on it as I once did. I realize that nothing is certain in this life. That my Union with my Love is dependent on me and her. I believe we will be together in this lifetime and decided to prematurely share my story for three reasons.  To show the world that True Love, Love at First Site, Twins and Soul Mates are real. That love has the power to overcome all obstacles. Finally, that your Heart knows what is best for you. It loves being vulnerable despite what your mind tells you. Always follow it for the joy of seeing her once is greater than a lifetime of heart ache.

Hope you enjoyed! Please like and share with your Twin, Soulmate or lover. Better yet, with someone who has given up on love as I once did. Work on yourself and She will find you.


Love and Empathy,


Dan McGinley RN BSN



2 thoughts on “Twin Flames: A Case for Intuition and True Love

  1. Wow that is truly powerful by your sheer vulnerability of sharing what could seem like the impossible journey looking for love.
    Your words I so want to share with my twin however he is only just awakening and feel thus would be beyond his current receptivity. Can but put my prayers out to the universe that divine timing and synchronicity brings your article to his attention.
    Many blessings for sharing. It truly is an amazing journey to love and I hope you keep us updated in your travels !! 💟☮️🕉

    1. I certainly will Sharon. Thank you for your kind words. I am seeing and feeling into some new circumstances that will bring us closer to union. She is starting acknowledge the attraction to a degree and I am learning to not need her validation in 3D and have trust. Keep having Faith and remember He/ our Twins are part of our Spiritual Mission and worth going to extremes for (without force of course). My Twin is highly “awake” or “Conscious” and she runs and I chase. That’s part of the growth and healing. What helped e was asking myself in a non-judgmental way “Why do I chase and why does she run and who is actually running and chasing?” The sacred mirror at work. Keep me updated and keep pushing forward. He is making you stronger and you are doing the same. He understands the connection more than you realize. In his heart anyway. Check out my YouTube channel Dan McGinley as I VLOG about my Awakening insights you may find helpful.

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