When God made man He started with the Brain. He made the Human Infant with a frail body to ensure the Brain would not be compromised.infant-brain-developmentUnivMd He put holes in their skulls (fontanels) so that its growth would not end prematurely. He created the womb to provide the Infant all the nutrients and love required. He gave Him a long gestation free of competition (Most natural Births are single, rarely did both offspring survive). He made woman strong, tolerant of pain and naturally loving. He made Man and endowed his seed with his heart so he may love Woman and his children greater than himself. This gave Man courage and loyalty championed by no other. Man and Woman, Adam and Eve with the gifts of their Minds created the Garden of Eden and God was pleased with his children. Lucifer was envious of Man’s power to create. He Hated Man as he did God. The Devil was cunning and created a child of his own. This child had many faces allowing him to deceive man easily. When Adam and Eve bit the apple they could see the child as he was. Man and woman had come to know fear for the first time. He felt shame of his naked body as did Eve. They fled the Garden of Eden for they no longer felt they were deserving of Paradise. The world of Man was now aware of fear and with it came pain, doubt, want, hate and all the emotions responsible for suffering.

Hope you enjoyed my take on Creation. I did not write this to invite religious debate. Rather I felt it was a more accurate way to describe the truth. The details are less important than the message. The message is my truth. I believe it is God’s Truth too. If you have even the slightest understanding of Biology, Human Anatomy/ Physiology or Embryology than you realize that the Human Brain is natures most powerful organ. As a Neurologist once told me that “our Brains are what make us human”. I could not agree more. My time working in Neurology and Neuro ICU gave me a real appreciation for the importance of the human brain. It is the only Organ in the natural world that is mostly underused.  If you ever have the opportunity I recommend studying the evolution of Man. The millions of years of evolution that went into perfecting the brain is astounding. What is so awesome about it? All the comforts and ease of your life you owe to the brains of others. Your ability to solve all the problems you are faced with and more, you owe to your Brain. Not impressed with your particular Brain? Perhaps there is a way to increase its power?eve-nicolae-gutu

Most people are aware that we only use a fractions of our Brains. The few of us who are able to tap into increased brain power tend to change the world. The Pioneers and Genesis who we owe for the luxuries of our World are believed to use 5-10% more of their Brains than most of us. Consider the only difference from Einstein and your mail man is 10% brain power (No offense to Postal Workers). Imagine if we could tap into 50%, 80%, all of it. It is extremely rare for nature to waste space and functionality. Every organ, tissue and cell is created only out of necessity and if not functioning optimally results in disease. The Brain is the most metabolic organ we have. It requires constant steady supply of glucose, sodium, oxygen and much more to perform adequately. The mystery for me is why would God/ Nature/ the Universe create such an important structure and only allow us to use part of it? Coincidence? Nothing in nature or with God is coincidence.

So what is holding us back. Fear is the Mind Killer. We are so focused on nonsense due to fear we don’t utilize our brain to their potential. Remember when you were a child, maybe a teen? How easy it was to daydream? To imagine anything freely? What happened to us? We grew up and started to worry about everything all the time. I am not the only one who is aware of this. Your government knows it, the media, those in power are acutely aware of the way in which fear paralyzes us. Those who are paralyzed are easy to control. They happily exchange their freedom for safety. Unfortunately that safety is an illusion, no different than the fear itself. The good news is I discovered a method to detox the mind of fear.  It is easier than you think and I would love to assist you in becoming Fearless.

The spiritual community tends to be distrusting or uninterested in Science as the Scientific community doesn’t take the claims of the Spiritually Aware as valid. I am here to begin to bridge that gap!

The Human Brain is Plastic. Not long ago it was believed that our brains stopped growing in early adulthood and therefor learning essentially ceased. Furthermore it was once believed that injury or insult was permanent. We now know this to be false. What is learned (fear) can be unlearned. Many believe that neurogenesis or the ability of nerves to heal is limited and very time consuming. This is typically based on observing injuries to peripheral nerve fibers. Your Brain is a collection of 100 billion neurons and the possible connections are therefore infinite and with the right stimulation and progressive elimination of fear can occur rapidly. In a matter of months depending on the individual. It is well known that stress/ fear makes learning something new very difficult. Fear consumes our thoughts making focusing difficult to say the least.  Current science recognizes that meditation/ mindfulness has the ability to decrease the regions of the brain associated with fear. There are more. The Brain has multiple fail safes and its unlocks. The McGinley Method combines multiple ones.

By blending the appropriate principals with practices from neuroscience and Ancient Spiritual Wisdom I have discovered a method to safely and relatively quickly detox the Human Mind of fear. I know because it happened to me by accident. I was improving myself and determined to change my life when the unexpected happened. I Woke Up. I learned to overcome my fears and my Mind has never been more powerful. I have never been more joyful and free. I have spent countless hours of research and time reproducing the process. I was given a gift and my life goal is to share it with the World. At this time I am only offering it through my Coaching practice. As I collect enough data and fine tune it I will share it with the world. The only question is are you ready to live the life you deserve.

It’s time to return to the Garden of Eden my Friends!

Contact me at danmcginley@auxanoaletheia.com available on contact page.

If you are undergoing/ have gone through a Spiritual Awakening/ Ascension and are interested in participating in ground breaking study please contact me. We can prove to the world that Awakening is real and validated with science.

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