I am now getting messages from people who are eager and actively working towards a Spiritual Awakening. I do my best to counsel them as well as caution them. Spiritual Awakening is a blessing and I am truly grateful but it comes with many challenges, although they change they never truly dissipate. I warn them that it is not a Yoga retreat or you suddenly reach enlightenment or Zen. You will be forced to face  real Darkness. I do not discuss all my Fear/ darkness/ experiences on my Blog My Awakening. There are a handful of people on YouTube and other platforms who are openly discussing their Awakening experiences. They have been a great source of support and information for me and the similarities we share are truly uncanny. There is a common stage shared by all that I will refer to as the Leper or Forsaken phase. This occurs shortly after going Public with your Awakening Story. You anticipate it but when it happens it hurts. This is the process of your friends and family alienating you or rather you ostracizing yourself with your radical story. It makes logical sense. People are not going to just jump on board and when you consider it, the old you would feel the same way as they do. You just claimed to have experiences with Angels and that you have an increased awareness/ knowledge of the Divine/ Universal energies etc.angel The more sincere you are the more concern you generate. No need to say a word as their silence speaks volumes. You just feel their thoughts and you are aware of their energy. People fear you as they can not understand you. I expected that people may be confused and say things, lately I do not allow myself to be concerned with the opinions of most. It is the opinions of those few who are closest to you, your Family, Parents, etc. Their silence and concerns are forms of disapproval, disappointment and shame. The painful realization is that their love and acceptance has limits. It is withheld when you do not behave in accordance with Societies or their particular guidelines they place on you. Even a Mother’s love has a Human capacity. It’s the false belief that they are concerned for you and your well-being that we realize it is actually fear for themselves. What will others think about him and why would he embarrass our family like this. For we, the Awakened are very content with our Decisions. We are often filled with Joy and Love. A sense of purpose and without fear of the future or anything else really.

This is how I truly understood the differences of the Love of God and the Love of Mankind. I was not angry, bitter, defensive or judgmental of my Parents, Family or friends. I can see their perspective clearly and their unawareness of their projected fear. I Love them massively regardless. I am grateful to be born to such wonderful nurturing loving Parents and Siblings. I am grateful for all the friends and people I had the privilege to know and interact with. I am grateful for the lessons and knowledge they bestowed upon me. It’s my love for them that causes such pain. The knowledge that I hurt or disappointed them in someway. Given a choice I would do it all over again. Not because I am cruel but because it is my Life Purpose and it is simply not a choice.

If you know me or someone who has experienced and Awakening then there are some very important facts to consider before you judge them harshly. Once it starts there is no turning back. Some try to ignore it, fight it, and deny it for years and it is utterly futile. You were awakened because you have a job to do and you will do it. A contract your Soul volunteered to fulfill on the behalf of Humanity and or the Earth. You can either benefit and prosper in the process or struggle by resisting. You can acknowledge your gift and express gratitude or struggle until you learn what you must.angel11 The only way out of discomfort, fear and suffering is forward. You have to listen to your intuition and guidance, develop your spiritual and lifestyle practices and do what you know you must. Then you feel awesome, supported, loved and closer to your life dreams. To be clear these are not little gut feelings some of you have experienced in the past. It not like when you can’t decide between the practical four door or sporty two door and hence you feel conflicted. They are not things you can kinda do or just work on during the weekends as a hobby. They are very strong, continuous urges, senses, knowings/ understandings of what to do next and then next. You actually need to remember and make an effort to tend to you physiological needs at times i.e. eating, sleeping.  To try and deny it or somehow return to your old life is equivalent to suicide. Spiritual suicide where you will spend the rest of your life miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled, regretful and the discomfort will never leave. Do you wish that for me? For your loved one? or friend? What would you gain? Reassurance that your belief system is still valid? Satisfaction that no one you know goes against the grain and prospers? Imagine the Angels came to Noah and after tasking him with the construction of the Ark, Noah replied “F that! No way that is just way too much work and you aren’t paying me.”  Do you think God would choose the wrong man or woman for the job. Do you think God would allow him to slack and regress. Trust me he does not. He knows your needs and your limits and he will tests you if necessary. It’s like a Gang in that sense, blood in blood out. I am not claiming to save the world as Noah but I know whatever I am doing it is what God wants me to do. You make a promise to the omnipotent creator you are going to deliver despite the opinions and feeling of others. He requires me to share my experiences. To be present and spread the word. Share his light and love. To assist others as they begins to Awaken on a larger scale. I do not question why. I do not hesitate. I do not apologize for your reaction to my chosen path. I do not fear. I have Faith. I did not walk away from a comfy well paying job that I spent years studying and preparing for shits and giggles. I did not risk my livelihood and security for myself and child on a hunch or delusion. I did not fabricate my Awakening story and publish it for everyone in my life to see and distance themselves for marketing purposes. Why would a (previously) normal sane person do all this if their was not a higher purpose. A tremendous force pushing, supporting and assisting you to provide a needed service to the world. Only death can stop me and as I am now acutely aware of my/ our spiritual existence in the physical world, I fear not Death. With the knowledge I have gained I would happily choose Death than to forgo this experience. Your confusion, fear, discomfort, and any emotions you associate with me presently will certainly not stop me. How you feel is your choice. I choose unconditional Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Knowledge, True Power and Faith.

Many claim to have Faith in our world. Perhaps you have a faith symbol tattoo. Many talk about living fearlessly and being a beast, beast mode. Recall I did not receive any angelic perceptions and Awakening Symptoms until after I followed my intuition and quit the job I had just started. I believed. I believed that despite telling the world I was different and knowing that things would never be the same that I would be cared for and blessed. So look to your scripture and ask yourselves if you are of Faith or Doubt? What are you willing to risk, sacrifice or abandon in the Service of God? Humanity? The Earth?


I believe that my Program. The McGinley Method has the potential to substantially improve the health and lives of all who put forth the appropriate effort and have a real desire to change. For some, it has the potential to catalyze an Awakening to transpire as it did me. I am not unique or special and theoretically we all have the ability to Awaken. Having a mentor through this process is highly advantageous. Myself and others had to find the answers on our own. I have come to the conclusion that the speed and comfort in which one progresses through the phases of Awakening is dependent on one main factor. Their ability to surrender to it with Faith and eagerness.  I learned quickly due to a strong intuition and connection to my spiritual guides/ The Divine.  I listened and went to work. The rewards are indescribable and sooner or later many/ most and eventually all of us will be going through this process. Your only current choice is when will you begin?

Dr. Ethan Thomas AKA E.T. is a motivational speaker and one of my personal favorites is a speech where he compares people to either Diamonds or CZs. He says you can not tell the difference between a diamond and a CZ by observing them. You must test them! You will not break a Diamond for it is the Hardest substance on Earth. To create one you take stone apply it to extreme heat, extreme pressure and then you cut it!

Thank you for reading!

With Love and Empathy

I am Dan McGinley RN BSN

3 thoughts on “Awakening Lesson: All Human Love Comes With Conditions.

    1. I completely understand your skepticism. I wouldn’t believe it either before it happened. I am uploading my first video on YouTube currently. I will post it here so keep an eye out. It’s about Awakening and the effects on sexuality. Mine anyway.


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