It is generally accepted and supported by Science that Exercise and or Diet in isolation can lead to body composition changes ie fat loss. However when we combine the two the result double on average. In fact the two go together like coffee and cigarettes. Perhaps not the best analogy for a health based Blog but only avid coffee drinkers and ex or current smokers can appreciate the perfect marriage of bold flavor, after taste and neuro stimulation that these drugs provide. A long time ago I prescribed to the foolish notion that diet was not all that important. As long as I trained really hard and often and ate enough macros that my body would work it all out (in fairness this was over a decade ago and man had just discovered the calorie). Trained hard I did. I was lifting/ strength training, running several difficult miles/ week, and 4 days of martial arts including sparing. Often working out twice a day. I was fit and lean and my resting HR was in the 40s. Yet I struggled to gain new muscle mass and it was impossible  to eliminate the small quantity stubborn abdominal fat. I hate to think of how it effected my performance and recovery. I wonder how much better I would have been with a clean sound diet. I believed like many still do that it was calories in and calories out and since I was burning over 1,000 calories with hours of training on any given day I thought sweet. I can eat all the crap I grew up with and not change a thing. So I did, I would literally get drive through fast food on my way home from the gym. It’s embarrassing but I was following the standard American diet. I must have gone years without fiber. As I got older and my training regiment changed I began learning more and more about nutrition. I stopped training and was naturally getting fatter. When my son was born I had an “Oh Shit” moment. I was a martial artist and loved training. I wasn’t going to be another Dad bod (not that there is anything wrong with Dad Bod bodies) as it just didn’t suite who I was on the inside. I knew getting to gym would be difficult so I did P90x  and actually did it. I read and followed the diet guide and everything. This was my first conscious diet. I was actually thinking about what I ate and how it would potentially change and affect me physically. I noticed increased muscle growth and less body fat in a relatively short time period with less time training (obviously the method of training is a factor but less so than diet) and knew it must be the food.

post P90 front
P90x post pic. 6 days/ week and Macro-based measured standard “clean” diet

I then did Insanity, P90x2 and eventually returned to martial arts and crossfit following a break or two. My training changed but my curiosity and interest in nutrition did not. I watched all the documentaries, read books and unlike most I researched. Not talking about a google search but meaning I reviewed actual scientific studies and read the methods to discerned their quality. I became and still am a bit of freak when it comes to nutrition. I will rain nutrition facts (actual facts) on you very soon but the wisdom here is I discovered how to work smarter not Harder. The method of training and how one eats consistently yields the better results than short-term changes and high frequencies/ time frames of training, respectively of course. Body image aside, what if we applied the concept of Synergy to our minds,our bodies and our Spirits through multiple platforms?



crossfit only
3-4 days/ week crossfit only with >80% raw veggie based diet

Synergy is the enhanced, rapid and profound results one obtains when applying quality daily practices to the Holistic components of their life.  Imagine if you did not only exercised and had a great heathy diet but you also practiced Meditation, affirmation immersion, Contemplation, Gratitude, passion indulgent, study and so on. If you took a week and committed all your time to nurturing yourself. Physical, Mental and Spiritual health what would happen? Who would you be at the end of the week? Imagine doing it for the rest of your life. How would your life change? Would you have a spiritual Awakening? Would you begin to love yourself and in doing so others. Would you sleep better and have less stress.  I have been doing such practices for months and my entire life has changed for the better! Much better! The reason I am here writing this Blog at 2 am is because I have the freedom to do what suites me best. Without fear or the urge to control everything. I feel love, fulfillment and Grateful everyday and it’s all internal. My standard of living is yet to change yet I have no doubts or fears it will as I desire it too.  I am not saying it was easy or will be easy from this day forth. What I am saying is; Goddamn is it worth it! as all the great things in life are!



The Fibonacci Growth Chart above is Nature’s equation for Growth. It represents synergy beautifully only as Nature can do. It starts at zero (our current state). It simply requires an action 1,1 and then continues exponentially. The more you fight and resist the longer it takes. You must realize you have no control. It is spontaneous in nature and it forms the spiral in all living things (cut a banana in half or examine the shell of a snail). It only requires you push forward regardless of your fear and you inevitably grow into what you desire to be.

Like all Growth it must be progressive, self-guided and manageable in order to be effective in the long-term. This is how I designed the McGinley Method Program and I invite you to contact me (see my contact page) if you are in need of Coaching.

All I can say is not everyone can do it without support and guidance. From someone who has been through it, I would have benefitted from a coach who could empathize with me in the difficult moments of self-doubt and fear.

It’s a lonely path, a painful path, and a scary path at first and periodically thereafter. I wouldn’t apply the law of attraction to this. You have to be STRONG! You will be required to face your demons and overcome them with courage. You will have to take action based on Faith alone when intellectually it appears to be a terrible decision. How many people do you know will support you in those circumstances? I have a very loving family/ Parents and they did not understand why I quit my job abruptly among other things. Your Spirit does not concern itself with opinions of others as a Wolf need not concern himself with the opinions of sheep. Only your Soul, your True- Self  knows its highest calling. Until you heed the call you will always feel there is more. Settling and comfort are not the solutions but the rewards are Heavenly!

The first question is what do you want? If you don’t yet know its ok. I have considered this problem and developed exercises to help you discover what your Spirit is calling you to do.

but you DO NOT have to be ALONE. I got through it with knowledge, a strong why and the support of God/ Faith.

I am here for you when you are ready to live for your SELF!

I am Dan McGinley RN BSN

With Love and Empathy!

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