Placebo Effect: a drug or treatment given to an individual or group as a means of deception. This is done to establish a control in medical and pharmaceutical research. The efficacy of medication and treatment is often attributed to how it compares to Placebo.

We tend to view Placebo as a testament to the weakness of the mind. The weak minded fool who is susceptible to suggestion. Hate to break it to you but we have all been that fool. The Placebo effect reinforces the concept that we create our own realities with our beliefs. The fact that you can feel a particular “side effect” based purely on the belief that you ingested a drug (even though you did not and were tricked into believing otherwise) lends to the conclusion that you can choose how you feel/ control your emotions. We often react to situations in a preprogrammed way and the inclination is to appoint blame for how we feel to others or circumstance. With training we can recognize our emotion objectively We can examine its roots and destroy or transmute negative emotions. We can choose to be filled with joy, love, and fulfillment. Is it ignorant bliss or fool’s love? Not when you are in control of it.

This is the essence of mindfulness otherwise known as Meditation. I will be posting my Meditation 101 Blog soon as part 3 of the Mind series very soon.belief

Consider this: If we determine our physical feelings based on our beliefs. Imagine what you could accomplish by abandoning self-limiting beliefs. If you believe the pill you just took made your fearless? What would you do?

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