I was once cynical about spirituality as I was about most things. I relied on science alone as the only reliable gauge for truth. I was agnostic to say the least and entertained the possibility of Atheism (in terms of Scientific evidence they make a good argument). I viewed mysticism, psychic abilities, religions, everything related to the spiritual ideals or concepts as superstitious, manipulative and sometimes fraudulent. That was until I decided to make some needed life changes and well, shit got real to say the least. I still maintain a healthy level of skepticism. I am not naïve or saying that I accept most that I come across. I have simply tapped into a new way of knowing and discernment. I discovered a few Truths regarding God, Angels and our Souls. It is imperative that I share these insights. I now understand that I know far less than I ever did. Many of us acknowledge this but on a different level. In other words I now know that most of what I once believed about Human Beings, God, Creation, After-life, Meaning of life was mostly bullshit. “Wisdom begins in Wonder”-Socrates.  

I did not know what a Spiritual Awakening was until it happened to me. I hadn’t even heard of it. The objectives for this blog is to define Spiritual Awakening based on my personal experience to my current point in my journey and subsequent level of understanding and my research. In terms of research I admit that I am a novice in regards to Spiritual Awakenings. This subject only came to my attention recently where others have spent a life time studying this rare but increasingly common phenomenon. To highlight the universal symptoms shared by others,  share personal insights and clarify the process as I have come to understand it at this point. Keep in mind I am comprehending more on a daily basis. The process is about understanding oneself; however we are more similar than different when we peel back the layers. Therefore you may benefit from my experiences as I have from those who have been undergoing this process longer than myself. If you are not “Awake” yet this Blog may be useful and at the very least interesting to you. I would like to note that I believe the Awakening process can be proven Scientifically and when I obtain the funding and resources I intend to do so. Furthermore I have documented my process and when comparing it to others have noticed correlations. I believe all Humans are capable of an awakening given the proper stimulus. Just as Baby requires food, warmth, shelter, safety and love to learn to walk. The Human Brain has certain “fail-safes” or keys to unlock its potential. The power of our minds is greater than you realize and the Awakening Process is simply a stage of development to allow us to tap into said Powers.

What is a Spiritual Awakening? also known as Ascension, Third Eye Opening, expansion of Consciousness, Enlightenment, Self-Actualization, and so forth. I would also like to note that Kundalini Awakening is similar and many of the symptoms/ signs overlap with Awakening symptoms. At least that has been my experience and based on the references I have come across. I am not clear on where the Kundalini Awakening stops and the Third eye or Spiritual Awakening starts. The chicken and the egg problem. All I can say is I am certain that I have experienced both and they are both unique to me as they are to everyone. I believe it is important to mention as many people tell me about their Kundalini Awakening and do not seem to have all of the same observations/ experiences as a Spiritual Awakening. So there is either a misunderstanding of  two separate processes or they are not separate and rather the same with a progression from Kundalini to Third eye or vise versa. If this is your first time hearing these terms its ok, don’t worry about it. There is no need to split hairs on nomenclature or Dogma. The principles and bigger picture is what matters. For the duration of this Blog I will refer to Awakening to include all terms mentioned above and I will refer to the Universe, Source, Creator, etc as God. Furthermore I will refer to the Angels (Guardians/ Arch), Ascended Masters (Jesus, Mary, Moses, etc) [if you are Christian you can look at Jesus as the Son of God or God incarnated on Earth and continue reading without fear/discomfort], positive Energies, Beings, Entities, etc  as the Divine Messengers or Angels.  Finally when speaking of the Soul it will include higher self, true-self, inner-self, spirit, etc. (some distinguish the spirit from soul but seriously we can debate that another time).  God, Divine Messengers and your Soul will be referred to collectively as The Divine.  Confused? It will make more sense as I explain.  “All the Gods, All the Heavens, All the worlds are within us” -Joseph Campbell

The best definition I can provide is Spiritual Awakening is the process of the Soul becoming self-aware within the mind and physical body through the augmentation, facilitation, discovery, acknowledgement and active implementation of one’s individual Soul Mission/ life Purpose, journey of self healing, near death experience resulting in massive belief augmentation/ dissolution.  The process is highly individualized and therefore the interpretations many give are in contrast to others. Some think in terms of universal energies and the universe or source. Some attribute their experiences to Alien/ higher forms of intelligence and others to Religious icons/ archetypes/ deities such as God and Angels. Monotheism, Polytheism, Wicca and so on are just interpretations of the Awakening process. In fact all Religions are founded by one or several Spiritually Awakened individuals. Therefore the specifics are not important. The truth lies in the principles shared by Religions past and present. The Saints of the past are the Awakened individuals throughout history. All those who were visited by Angels and heard the voice of God went through this same process. Yes, I suppose I am comparing myself to a Saint. It is the perversion of Religion that makes you doubt. Saints were not void of Sin. Other Awakened and myself are sinners who overcome sin/ patterns of self-destructive and hurtful behavior through our awakening.  Most view this inconsistency as confirmation it’s simply delusion or weirdness. I see it as evidence for the individualistic nature of Awakening and the great need for further investigation and clarity. The reasons for the differences are due to the subjective nature of Awakening/ Ascension. We attribute our experiences in a way in which our Minds will eventually accept them. This is no different from the manner in which a schizophrenic attributes hallucinations to their delusional belief. The mind attempts to explain what it can not, the only way it knows how. So how can I be certain I am not simply mentally ill. There are key differences between psychosis and Awakening. The ability to discern reality (the commonly shared perceptions of all) from hallucinations/ delusion (a perception/ belief you experience that others do not. A schizophrenic does not initially realize that others do not share their delusion, often leading to paranoia (believing everyone is in on it/ against them). Our minds need to buffer these new perceptions in acceptable ways. Being raised Alienas a Catholic I believe or am willing to accept God and Angels rather than say Advanced Alien Lifeforms. No matter how loving these Aliens may be, I am likely to completely loose my Mind if one begins do reach out to me in a luccid dream or if I believe the ringing in my ear is the result Alien technology. However, as I better understand the nature of my fears and relaese them. I become more open to greater awareness.  Less rigid paramiters that the Divine can work through without causing me Anxiety (Fear is counterproductive to awakening).  There are many other differences from Awakening and mental illness. Perhaps the most profound are the universal/common are symptoms/ signs shared by those who are undergoing an Awakening. This is similar to diseases from the Past that were poorly understood. Prior to germ theory people attributed disease to demons or imbalanced humors. Through the scientific method humanity now has a much better understanding of the Physical body. Unfortunately we have disregarded much of the Ancient  Spiritual knowledge of the past. In many cases it has been deliberately suppressed by those in Power. The age of information has put us in a position to rediscover and share this knowledge.  I believe that Awakenings will be an acceptable and better understood process in the next few decades. It will be a normal milestone of Human development such as walking. In fact it may be something we are born with and loose as we are conditioned with fear and shame (the notion children are more “sensitive” to spirits). Combined with science and technology it will reign in the next phase of human evolution. We will solve all of the Societal and Environmental problems we are now facing. Many people in the spiritual community believe there is a mass awakening or rise in consciousness across the Planet. Consider the fact that Human knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate (expected to double every year by 2020, prior to the 20th century it took 100 years for this to happen) Perhaps this is how we Survive and Heal our moral and environmental dysfunctions. I now see the two as inseparable and highly influential. We must understand ourselves in order to connect and appreciate our relationship with Mother Earth. It will require mass effort/ awareness to reverse the damages inflicted by humanity. We must care for ourselves prior to caring for others.

To be very clear; I do not view Awakening as a disease or a negative process whatsoever. The comparison was for analogous purposes only. Like any change it comes with challenges and this is the ultimate change one can experience. The challenges are unavoidable and worth going through as love  just on the other side of fear. Awakening is a Blessing and I am extremely Grateful for being given such as gift.  When it begins, the only direction is forward. To better understand what it is you must know what it is not. It is not Religion. With all due respect to the religions of the world there are key differences. In their purest forms, Religions are Love and in line with Divinity. The perversion of Religion by mankind has morphed some into institutions of Fear and War. Religions have absolutes. They tend to have answers to all the big questions such as meaning of life, life after death, etc. Questioning is generally not acceptable and can be met with fear of damnation. In other words; believe in this without question or spend eternity subjected to unimaginable horrors. Contradictory you are told God loves you unconditionally and forgives you for your disappointing nature. Take a moment to consider the irony of this viewpoint. Dissuading questions and fear tactics are classic means of control and manipulation. Religions tends to focus on the differences between “their God” rather than the similarities. In other words Religion is Dogma and Dogma is the opposite of Wisdom. Your mind must be open to receive knowledge. Like a parachute, it only works when open, the result remaining closed minded is death, living spiritual death. Fear is the opposite of Love and GOD ONLY works through LOVE, never fear! This I have no doubt of. Our Souls are perfect the way they are and there is no need for improvement or change. It is already a part of the greater whole that is God. Therefore to say that our Souls are flawed, prone to Sin and in need of forgiveness (through surrender to an institution) is the greatest Sin imaginable. It is the great lie keeping humanity oppressed. Think of the emergence of God as the Big Bang. Spreading and expanding across the infinitely expansive Universe. You now can see that God is in all of us and everything all at once. The Alpha and Omega. The part of the Whole. Connected to each other and everything. To say you are naturally flawed (with Sin/ imperfect) is to accuse God (the Universe) of flaws. Our only flaws are the beliefs and limits we place on ourselves. This is not to say we do not require making changes as human beings or that evil does not exist. We have the capacity for evil but not because we are fundamentally flawed. You are forgiven and evil exists through and within our fear. overcoming the deeply rooted fears we are conditioned/ programmed with from day one is the key to overcoming evil.

In my opinion there are more myths than facts when it comes to Awakenings. Many of us think of enlightenment or self-actualization as a destination rather than a process. The perception of Eastern traditions/ belief systems ie Buddhist and Hindu feel we must give up our worldly possession, retreat to the mountains/ nature and meditate in order to connect with God. I admit this is a blanket statement and I have yet to thoroughly researchMed Pro 1 Eastern religion in this context. It is not that one can not be Spiritually Awakened while enjoying abundance. Being rich or poor has no bearing on your Spirituality. It is a matter of attachment. One must be willing to let go of all their wordly positions and relationships to overcome suffering and “sin” or evil.  I understand their rationale is for the protection of the individual and Humanity. This is completely logical if you accept the notion of purging fear based desires as prerequisite to Awakening. To be awakened is to recognize the power of God within. This is the closest we get to super powers in the physical world and the potential for abuse and harm is very real. This may be a path for some but is not necessary and may be counter productive for others. You do not need to be Buddhist or Hindu to Awaken (open your third eye), you do not need to practice or master Yoga. You do not need abandon all your beliefs but will need to abandon many (sooner or later). No one can Wake You Up/ open your third eye but they may assist or guide you. Nor can you force your Third Eye open in that sense. It opens when you are ready and the need arises, sometimes/ often without expectation or force. As the old adage states; When the student is ready the teacher appears. However the more worldly, the greater you cling to false beliefs and material goods the harder your Awakening will be. The whole goal of Awakening is to clear our minds of want and control. To allow our Divinity to flow through us. To become instruments of God’s Love and Light.

So how/ why did I get so “lucky?” The following phases are descriptions of my personal process and meant as a means of clarification for those researching or currently undergoing an Awakening. There is some overlap and remember the process is highly individualized as is your Soul/ Soul Mission.The bolded symptoms are the universal symptoms among all who have undergone/ undergoing an Awakening based on my research and experience. They are also positive signs for connecting/ interacting with Angels. The onset, duration, frequency and intensity differ just as an illness or disease does. I believe this is due to the individual’s ability to process and accept their Awakening among other factors. There are theories as why the physical symptoms occur and eventually resolve or change.  The generally accepted explanation is that you are undergoing changes on a cellular level. The purpose of which is to “heighten” or adjust your senses. Unfortunately it is not X-ray or heat vision in the traditional superhero sense. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience among other types of extra-sensory perceptions are often reported by those following an Awakening. This theory is based on the premise that Spiritual Entities or Energies exist in planes/ dimensions  that Human Beings can not typically perceive. Human perception is based on our ability to interpret frequencies. We know that frequencies exist beyond our ability to perceive them ie ultraviolet, infrared, radio etc. Therefore it is possible that physiological changes to the central nervous system could allow an individual to perceive frequencies in the 4th /5th dimension that others could not. I suspect that scientist will identify genes that are responsible for these abilities and that the Awakening process and be able to activates them. See my Blog Physiology of your Third Eye for more information on the physical alterations.

*I do not discuss all the synchronicity, signs and numeric messages in this Blog. There are simply too many and they are often related to feeling or an intuitive sense of knowing making them difficult to put in words. Finally I do not share the details of my meditative practices. Although I believe firmly that awakenings occurs when the timing and development of the individual is ripe. In the event I am mistaken I do not want harm or abuse occurring as a result of my ignorance. Your path lies within you. The following are general principles and guidelines. If you are interested in obtaining an Spiritual Awakening then I suggest allowing me to coach you. You will achieve a Physical and psychological health you have never known and the potential to have a Spiritual Awakening/ Kundalini Awakening will greatly increase. (see my contact page)

INTROSPECTION: April of 2017. I am 33 years old. Prior to April was a dark period in my life. Suffering from atypical depression, struggling with closet substance abuse and independently raising my child. I wanted to change and improve my life. I knew I could have a better future for myself and mostly for my Son. I simply did not have the hopefulness and drive for my future. I lost the passion for my work, was not making good use of time, didn’t have the financial resources to do the things I really wanted to. Raising my boy was the only sense of purpose I Had left. I was miserable inside. On the surface everything seemed okay. That is the lie I told myself and others. I knew deep down I was meant for more. I knew I was more than I convinced myself I was. I was searching inside myself for answers and this is where I eventually found them. I started immersing myself in positive affirmations (same method I use with clients). My thoughts/ beliefs started to change rapidly.  I stopped blaming others/ circumstance and became accountable for my life. I realized some hard truths and I accepted I was the only one who could do something about it. In retrospect I now view all the experiences of my life as being necessary or somehow important in my development. I am grateful to those who mistreated me for the lessons they imparted were required. This was the month of my revelation and change. These beliefs of being Grateful, Limitless, and accountable are common among others who undergo Awakening.

BELIEFS: The next few months were marked by a massive changes in my thoughts and beliefs about myself, others and the world in general. I started eating well and exercising again. I indulged my passions, read and researched (fitness, nutrition ,health science,  neuroscience, psychology, etc). I began to put together certain themes, principles and characteristics shared among successful (not just rich, but happy, inspirational, admirable) people. They are highly researched topics. I began to believe in myself and my abilities. Why not me? Why can I do what I love? I became less tolerant of negative people and environments, which eventually lead to leaving my job, ending relationships, and bad habits. Thus improving my Health, sense of self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love and values. I followed the advice I came across and improved myself daily. I discovered my purpose which I now understand without doubt is my Soul Mission. I began working towards becoming the best most inspirational and influential Holistic Health Coach/ Teacher/ Author/ Program Developer I could be and was working diligently at this. I realized I must embody the holistic model of health. I simply was unaware what spirituality truly was at that time. I explored new concepts such as eastern philosophies of health, acupuncture, chi, meditation and chakras. I came across a book written by a  modern-day sage, energy healers and internal martial artists. I read and applied my novice knowledge practicing Chakra meditation, Chi manipulation/ harnessing among other modalities. Like most of us I knew meditation was beneficial for general mental and physical health. This is the most profound understatement in the history of understatements. The West and modern Science are just beginning to realize the potential of meditation. I  found that the meditation practices I was performing were substantially different than what you will find on your meditation app or guided session on You-tube ( not saying they are not very good for your or appropriate). I soon realized that I was engaging in an advanced type/ level of meditation, for a novice that is. I believe the reasons I acclimated so quickly was the result of lifestyle and possibly genetic predisposition. Most of us can think of someone we know who is always on edge, worrying and prone to panic/ anxiety. That was never me. Not to say I was never stressed I just tend to focus on fixing the cause when possible (which is me/us). I had a reputation among  others as relaxed or calm/ mellow person . I was/ am eating natural raw diet. I had been actively cleansing myself of limiting/ negative beliefs and immersing in positive affirmations. I began a new style of martial arts, Wing Chung which is one of the few that blends the soft (yin) and hard. Finally I was training via crossfit, etc  I am confident that all of these activities in combination with meditation or a similar practices enhanced the benefits neurological adaptations necessary for an Awakening to Occur. This is the essence of Synergy.(see Blog/ Synergy) There are secrets that monks and sages do not share with the public. I now understand why and discuss this later.  Although I do not believe meditation alone was responsible for my Awakening. I have no doubt that it was a major contributor.  I firmly believe that meditation and energy healing will be the primary treatment option for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD and so much more in the future. ” Many rehab and clinics are already utilizing it. I personally overcame a opioid and tobacco addiction among others, see Blog Addiction independently. Without Rehab, counselling, 12 -steps or Physicians. I am NOT recommending that others do the same but I can help others overcome addiction in conjunction with a treatment program. I had already undergone my Spiritual Awakening which allowed me to overcome my addictions for good.  I utilize Meditation and mindfulness exercises with my Clients in combination with Physical and emotional behaviors suited for them. Just as in physical training, you would be unwise to run a marathon or squat 400 lbs on the first day. Meditation takes practice too, See my Blog Meditation 101 for details.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: One night in mid august I was unable to sleep. I was researching chi healing online when I cam across “13 signs your third eye is opening” video. Seeing repeating numbers ie 1111. This is when I first heard of repeating numbers and synchronicity. I immediately thought of 7 and 13 or 713 (remember this number). Weeks prior I was attending a Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) re-certification course. We were required to pick two numbers. I pulled 13 and 7, as I was thinking “lucky number 7 and unlucky 13” the instructor said exactly that as I was thinking it and I made a comment “are you reading my mind again?”. So I googled “713 meaning/ Symbolism” and came across Joanne Sacred Scribe Angel 713. I got chills when I read the message. At that particular time it felt as if it had been written just for me and may as well have been addressed to me by name. This is the essence of divine messages/ Synchronicity. How you feel about them and how you interpret them with intuition. This was the beginning. From that message alone I went from Agnostic, borderline Atheist to knowing that God was real and that He /She with the Angels were involved in my/ our daily lives. Mathew 7:13 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. Many interpret this as the gates of Hell. I believe this verse refers to our life path. It is difficult to follow our hearts and most take the path of least resistance.

FAITH/ THE SHIFT: The following days/ weeks were marked with substantial growth accompanied by growing pains. I had quite my job more abruptly than I had originally attended and was transitioning to a new position. Starting from day one my new job on August 21st 2017 (Solar Eclipse) I had a strong nagging feeling like I shouldn’t be there. I felt as if my time was being wasted. My only job should be building my Website/ Coaching Program. It was my obsession and all I could focus on. I made it through the week. I was in severe conflict. My mind was telling me to play it safe, maintain steady income and you can always work on you business on the side. You have a child to think about etc. My intuition/ gut was screaming at me to commit myself to my true purpose. Translated or interpreted as Have Faith and Trust. In the event you are considering a heart felt business or venture, now is a good time. The Angels and Ascended masters support and bolster you. Trust your monetary needs will be met. You are on the right path. I would come across videos or articles from people such as Oprah and Bill Gates who claims the best business decisions they ever made were based on intuition. A quote on an ad “The Greatest risk we ever take is to not risk anything”. I was driving to my new job on the first day and was listening to a video on YouTube. It was Will Smith talking about skydiving. I had been skydiving for the first time a few weeks prior. It was really about the fear we feel right before/ up to the point of jumping. Once we jump the fear subsides and it “feels like you are flying as the wind supports you”.

Actual Photo

I remember describing it that exact same way to someone. This is the essence of Synchronicity. The relevance to you, your thoughts/ decisions and the feelings. So despite all the rational reasons not to, I decided to jump! I quite my new job after four days of orientation at 11:17pm Sunday August 27th. I didn’t have a plan B because I knew there was no need. I cashed out my retirement and had calculated  3-4 months before I would run out of money. If you want to conquer an island than burn the ships.  What I did not expect was that following Divine Guidance and intuition, acting on Faith would be the catalyst responsible for thinning the veil between the physical and spiritual world.


Learning:  Have you ever noticed that every biblical story of a person being visited by an Angel, the first thing they say is “Be not afraid”?  Despite the risks; fear of choosing to be unemployed with a child to support and having no guarantees my business venture would be successful. I felt an immediate sense of peace with my decision. As if the life I always wanted was almost here. I just had to complete the work and step into it. This feeling would not last long but would return. Perceptual, physical and emotional changes were noticed the following day. I would see flashes of light from my peripheral vision mainly a night. I was walking down my hall when a shadow flashed past by my peripheral yet was behind me. I stopped, turned and walked towards the area it had occurred. Trying to figure out what had happened it occurred again from the opposite direction behind me. I turned and walked in that direction of the hallway. I stood there for a couple of seconds. Suddenly I felt an intense chill run down my spine. It scared the living shit out of me! I cringed and high tailed it into my room and shut the door (as if it mattered). My son was lying in my bed and noticing his concern I played it off to the best of my ability. That night I had a lucid symbolic dream.blade 1 The term lucid is a misleading in my opinion. Many of us have had lucid dreams in the past. These are different. They feel so real that the only way to differentiate them from reality is to realize the impossibility for them to occur in the real world. I was dreaming of a white bear. The bear was calm and in a white void. I was there in physical form, I had/ manifested a sword and attacked the bear with intention to kill it for some reason I am not clear on, the Bear was non-threatening. The bear growled and stood on his high legs. I felt a gentle yet firm push on my right shoulder. Suddenly I was standing at the foot of my bed watching my self sleep while remaining simultaneously in my dream (this is a common type of dream/ astral projection). I kept fighting the bear and felt another push on my left arm. I sensed the hands were trying to guide or dissuade me in someway and can recall clearly thinking “what are you trying to tell me?”. Then a hand held my left forearm and attempted to pull me aside. It was not an aggressive but it was firm and not letting go. I can only describe it as a parent holding a child’s arm to prevent them from running into the street. (Hold your left forearm with your right hand. Now imagine that feeling on your forearm, only you can’t see the hand holding it and you are as alert and lucid as you are now.) I was terrified! I tried to escape it and it did not let go. I woke myself in a panic. I prayed and asked God to allow me to sleep undisturbed. My request was honored and I did not experience any other lucid dreams (or at least not as intense) from that point on or at least I do not remember them. The following days were the most difficult. I felt waves of emotions fluctuating within hours or minutes from intense fears, loneliness/ isolation, dread, sadness. Some talk about Depression and Spiritual Awakening or Bipolar disorder. The main differences are these emotions are extremely labile and can change in minutes. All of the sudden you begin to sob and then you are nervous with chills, you feel like someone is standing behind you.  I would experience physical symptoms such as temperature fluctuations. Chills and hot flashes were common. I needed and was guided to find the answers. (see Blog Physiology of the third Eye)

Synchronicity: You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path.” Steve Jobs.  The concept of synchronicity was first described by psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s as “meaningful Coincidences”.  They appear to be coincidence by an objective observer but to the recipient, they are messages or instructions. I will discuss my experiences and insights into synchronicities in subsequent blogs/ videos. In the interest of cohesiveness I will limit this section to a few key ones. I experience synchronicities daily now and there are simply too many and many I have yet to fully understand to mention them all. Furthermore it is difficult to link all of them to an accurate timeline as the numbers or events were often not documented or understood at the time.  I believe synchronicities are messages, guidance, resources, support and help from the Divine. They come in many forms such as people, events, movies/ TV, dreams, and numbers, repeating or not. Numerology/ Mathematics is believed by many to be the language of the Universe and Divine. The meaning is debated and documented through multiple platforms and is nothing new. Pythagoras, Newton, Einstein and many other pioneers/ innovators recognized this. In fact all natural occurring events can be represented Mathematically (see my Synergy Blog). For example all growth in Nature is represented mathematically via the Fibonacci Sequence,Fibonacci it all starts at 0 (the God number Alpha/Omega). Action is the only requirement for Growth and then grows exponentially. Represented by the number 1, the individual. The repeating numbers emphasize urgency, intensity, forewarning or specific meaning to the beholder. Because our brains recognize patterns they are often messages to pay attention (to your thoughts, feeling, situation, etc). Once recognized and or followed, your connection and communication with the Divine Strengthens. Then they can be any set of numbers such as 717, 737, 733, 744, 808,818, 939, 833, 858, 818, 1010,  1117,1115, 1137, 7, 33, 22, 54, 999,1212 533, 842 etc. One can easily over think and over-analyze looking for these numbers and their meaning (believe me). That’s not the point. Allow the numbers to come to you and discern the important ones based on you inner voice or intuition, the circumstances or thoughts when noticing them. It is like seeing a phone number while driving by and only noticing 333 and then noticing the time or the middle numbers in your odometer immediately after and it is 333. You feel it when it happens. This could also be being woken/ waking up at certain times throughout the night repetitively. I will awake sometimes (waking between 2-5am is a common sign and has roots in traditional chinese medicine) at 333, 355, 444, 455, 522, 533,  633 etc or something similar, it changes frequently. See Numerolgy; Third Eye physiology Blog for in depth analysis.

Understand/ Going with the Flow: Following my dream I was confused and anxious. I kept noticing numbers and experiencing paranormal events at night. The sense of being surrounded or an entity being near. Lights flickering and electronics malfunctioning (over the course of a couple weeks a cell phone, ipad, laptop and four lightbulbs died). Real convenient when building an online business. Loud bang as the dryer slammed shut and repeating when I would sit down. I stopped meditating and despite my fear felt as if these entities were ultimately positive. I felt a strong urge to get out of my home/ outside. Went to lunch near my home and met a gentleman who engaged me in conversation. We were discussing health and nutrition. I was afraid to discuss my experiences and yet he somehow brought up awakening and synchronicity out of the blue. He told me about a Scientist who studies such events. I believe this was a way of God saying “this is a real thing that others have gone through”. The following day I needed some calmness and was able to get an acupuncture treatment. Prior to the treatment my Acupuncturist felt compelled to do some energy work with me (I had no idea she did this as it hadn’t come up in previous treatments). She placed her had over my chest and began to cry. She told me I had a lot of energy stagnated here and sensed a loss or grief. I asked her if “it could be a loss of expectation?”. She got chills when I asked. I now realize this was the loss of my old self, all the things, beliefs, activities I was clinging too out of fear and need to control. The very things I was clinging too were preventing me from walking my highest path. My Soul Mission. What she referred to as living my Tao/ Dao (living in line with nature/ Going with the flow of Chi/ Prana/ life force energy). She was also the one who told me I had the ability to shut off the perception/ dreams if I was not ready. I later realized I could close and open my third eye at will.  During the treatment I could visually see light and colors flowing throughout the room. The needle in my forehead (third eye) and top of my head (crown) were warm and pressurized. Following my treatment I discovered a magazine titled Natural Awakenings in the waiting room, normally it would be too new age for me but considering recent events, I grabbed it. I discovered an advertisement, a local woman who was also a Registered Nurse by trade and is now a Health and Spiritual Coach. She helped me interpret my dream. The White Bear representing my Soul/ the light within. The Bear is a possible spirit animal as well. I would get consistent messages via angel numbers/ repeating numbers or come across articles and videos with a repeating theme. Don’t fight the Bear. Release your fears to your Angels. Look at your emotions and dreams with curiosity and intrigue not judgement. GO WITH THE FLOW. I was working on my site one day feeling anxious and my five-year old approached me hugged and kissed me and said “Daddy I love you. Go with the flow Daddy“. He has never used this phrase (go with the flow) before or since. Days later I opened a fortune cookie and it read. Your life is changing. Go with the flow.(I foolishly did not get a photo and lost it). A youtube video that played on automatically talking about martial arts and going with the flow (of chi).  A separate video specified about how the Flow is not about conformity and doing what others are but following your own path. Later I was reading an article about how a woman who sprained her ankle by stepping off a path to allow a runner to go by. The theme being stay in your lane and do not compromise your Truths for anyone.  You see the message here. As I surrendered to the process and followed the guidance/ inner prompts, my Symptoms improved drastically. I began meditating again and felt a need to do so.  I increased my frequency, duration and intensity. My meditative practices changed as I intuitively began adding chakras, vizulaizing chi flow between them and contracting associated muscles on exhalation (apparently there is and entire system of meditation out there just like this). I developed an affinity for nature

Actual Photo

and regularly retreated to the forest and water. I took many Baths with Epsom salt. I lit candles all day long. I needed to opened windows (despite the 90 degree heat).  I rearrange my home and bought plants (feng shui). These were mostly natural inclinations and reinforced by synchronicity (one angel number specifically talked about increasing energies at home and mentioned Feng Shui, 606 I believe). I had fluctuations of energy levels and sleep. Days of needing fifteen plus hours of sleep followed by days of insomnia or functioning in four hours or less of sleep/ energy rushes. Changes in appetite and food tolerances were common (less desire/ tolerance for meat and processed foods).  I would forget to eat sometimes until late in the afternoon. I suffered and still do at times from temporal disturbances. Time felt as if it was speeding up. Just ask the attendance ladies at my kids Kindergarten. No matter how much time I gave myself I was always late dropping him off and picking him up. I often felt spacy as I would forget thing constantly. This is very challenging when trying to build a business. I struggled with organizing my work and thoughts. Combined with a Sense of Urgency to complete my light-work/ mission makes this period particularly very frustrating. I was/ am easily irritable at times, so focused on progress and understanding that everything else can be a cause of anger. This is why “Grounding” is so important during these times.  The more I surrendered and released old emotions, fears and inadequacies, and the more I engaged in grounding activities and harmonious approaches the better I felt.

Acceptance: I was meditating longer periods at least twice a day. My sleep improved and noticed I would wake up with the sun. At 0600 my cat would be waiting for me and we would go on patio. I would meditate as the Sun rose, She would mimic bird calls and I would connect to God, the Mother Earth and all Humanity (She is suffering btw). My physical/ perceptual symptoms changed. The flashes of light diminished and I was able to see flowing lights in a dark room. Occasionally seeing shadows that were only noticed when they moved as I gazed upon or approached them. The difference is they were no longer frightening to me at all. No different than running into a friend at a coffee shop (many of us think of shadows and think of Evil/ Demonic entities, this is not accurate or at least not in my case). Most recently one of these flashes of light stayed long enough for me to see a diamond shape of white light with a transparent circular center. I was completely awake and lucid when this happened. The lights are now blobs of white and dark light. Noticeable more when in a half sleep/ paralysis sleep. As if they wake me up just enough to allow me to notice. One was moving towards me as I fell back asleep, the other drifted out my window and vanished.  The ringing in my ears changed from tinnitus type frequencies to a intermittent tugging vibration sensation on the left ear. The ringing is much more apparent when you submerge underwater as water amplifies resonance/ vibration. During one lucid dream the sound was so intense it was as if a jack hammer was being held next to my head. This was a paralysis type dream where I was outside myself and kindly asked my Angels to stop, they did (perhaps this is why some feel as if aliens abducIMG_0224ted them). The minor touching sensation on the top of my head (crown) was now a warm light pressure surrounding my head. The headaches and sinus pressure subsided and was replaced with a warm itchy sensation on my forehead like a localized skin reaction. At times the small facial muscles in that exact third eye location spasm. These sensations occurred mostly as I was falling asleep or if there is something I am thinking about or occurring that I need to pay attention to. I developed new curiosities such as astrology, numerology, mysticism and  quantum physics. I noticed certain animals/ insects or images of animals such as prey-mantis, wolves, grasshoppers (in fairness there are many in my city right now), hummingbirds, and owls.

Actual Photo
All with their own meaning/ totum. I began lighting candles often. I learned my guardian angel’s name, Poyle and Archangel is Haniel/ Daniel (apparently they can choose how we perceive them as either male or female). I learned about all the Archangels and their responsibilities, received confirmations that they were supporting and guiding me through this process via repeating numbers etc. I learned I could ask for assistance and healing when needed and they would oblige. There was point that I believe there was a transition from my previous state to my current. I kept seeing repeating numbers such as 2 through 8 mainly  (222,22, 333,33, 44,444, 55 etc) and I could not discern all the messages. I  felt an inclination to meditated on these message and asked for guidance. During this particular meditation I felt warm breeze in my bedroom. I felt a calmness/ absence during the session I had yet to experience. I can only describe it a trance. When I came out of it (my son was yelling at me). I felt as if the worst was over in a sense and I had new insights into my process. The time was 1:37 pm, I had been meditating for an hour and 15 minutes. Later that evening I walked into my room and was greeted with a strong odor of flowers and feeling of peace (these are positive signs of Angel interactions/ presence). I will discuss the theories for physical/ perceptual changes in later Blogs.


Recall the numbers 7 and 13 marking the beginning of my Awakening, which I felt was 713 and the message I needed for that moment in time ( see Joannesacredscribe.com). Consider 137 and the possibility of 13 and 7 and why for some reason I naturally placed the 7 first. I do not recall the order in which I pulled the numbers and it is ultimately irrelevant. I noticed the relationship immediately and felt as if it represented a cycle. The end of one phase and the beginning of another. I googled the number 137 and came across some interesting information. The significance of this number in quantum physics, ancient mysticism and psychology is astounding. It is the fine structure constant in Quantum Physics and as a possible measurement of light and estimated age of universe 13.7 billion. The master number in the Kabbalah (Ancient Jewish Mysticism/ worlds oldest spiritual wisdom claiming to hold secrets of the universe). Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli (the master of intention/ Pauli effect) were obsessed with explaining the universe via Physics and Psychology. They believe 137=synchronicities. It is also represents to the initial number in the Tree of Life.   There are many other significance that I have not researched. I am not sure what it means for me directly other than 7 is my life path/ destiny number and 13 or 1 and 3 I am not clear about. I am also interested in the Astrological events and their influences regarding awakening. I found it interesting that my life changes began during the beginning of the astrological year, the physical symptoms occurring around the solar eclipse, Solar flare, Hurricanes and Saturn moving into Capricorn (my sign). I kept coming across astrological information that I previously would have had no interest in. This new interest in learning and life in general is another common symptom.

I believe it is important to note that since my Awakening, I have developed a degree of ESP. I suppose you could say I have a degree of psychic abilities. I know things know that I have business knowing. I can discern people motives, truthfulness and thoughts to a degree of relative accuracy. Images I do not always understand flash into my mind when relaxed or in a meditative trans. I have seen images of my future, my wife, my daughter, home, my son as a teenager (he is still adorable). I realize these are only possible future realities but ones woth pursuing. Never are they just me being sad and miserable. I am not giving tarot readings of running a telephone psychic business but I have no doubt I have either empathic/ psychic abilities and I will develop them for the greater good.

There is one more component of my experience I feel is important to share. I have always been a healer. I started studying health in high school and began working as a Physical Therapy Tech my Junior Year. I moved around a lot as a Registered Nurse changing specialties every one to two years. This is not normal and I once attributed it to curiosity or an eagerness to learn something new. I see now that this was only half of the truth. I needed to experience the current healthcare state across the human lifespan. I needed to have a comprehensive understanding of human health. The strengths and weaknesses of our current system and our beliefs about health. Only by understanding the problem can we develop a solution. Having witnessed the onset of illness in the pediatric unit and then the potential fatal outcome in the Adult Intensive Care unit do you appreciate the need for a new approach. As I gained experience and confidence I became more aware of the systems and beliefs contributing the maintenance of the status quo/ problems. I began speaking up and acknowledging the elephant in the room. I would advocate for my Patients despite the consequences to myself. For example I would write emails to administrators and included the staff members in the hopes dialogue and change would result. I would stop a procedure from proceeding if a patient was not stable or appropriate. I would do this in the most professional respectable way possible but it did not matter. You can imagine that people, especially Administrators do not appreciate being undermined or called out in front of others, despite the reasons. There is no recognition or admiration for doing the right thing, despite all the posters in the break rooms and hallways about “stop the line” or “speak up”. I believe I would have been fired if they could have legally done so, I was “coached” more than once and labeled as a troublemaker, difficult and arrogant. The way I was being treated was not what lead to my dissent from traditional Nursing/ Healthcare. Something had changed, initially I thought it was that particular hospital I was working at. I see now that I had changed.  My values and principles were no longer congruent with that of the institution, System or Society as a whole. The more I learned about Disease and the body’s ability to overcome it given the right diet, beliefs, support and so forth the less I could be part of the system. It’s not that the Healthcare does not provide a much-needed and effective service. It’s that it refuses to recognize the truth. It makes no real effort to teach patients anything that conflicts with its interest. It values Titles over Wisdom, Comfort over Growth, Profits over Health, Control over empowerment. When I began developing my website I asked myself what does Humanity need in terms of Health and would therefore be of great value. This has led me to take a very unorthodox approach and I believe God agrees with my methods. My Awakening allowed me to see this and utilize his support through my work.

To be very clear I do not believe I am special or superior to anyone. I am not claiming to be a spiritual guru or saint. I don’t believe I was “chosen” and am confident that all people have the ability to Awaken. I am Human as we all are. I have issues like everyone else. Frankly I too am skeptical of many “enlightened” or “awakened” people I have come across. I do not accept all the things about Aliens and predictions of the future. However there are some people I have come across that I am certain went through a similar process/ Awakening.  Skepticism is a good thing, utter rejection out of fear is not. There are many new agers and trends like the current Hollywood practice of Kadapa making things confusing. There are some who identify themselves as light workers, shadow workers, Indigos, Star Seeds, etc. They spend a lot of time talking about their gifts and the burdens that come with Awakening or worrying if their lover is their twin flame or not. Time they should be spending bringing the light of God to a planet and people who desperately need it (my opinion). Of course there are others, the blatant frauds who gaurentee awakenings for a fee. When I first began experiencing these supernatural event, I vowed to remain silent. I was afraid what others may think and how it would affect me, my business and most importantly my Family. I soon saw the foolishness in that decision. The irony is the purpose of Awakening is to release your fears so you may live as your authentic Self. Allowing you to fulfill your life purpose or Soul Mission.  Letting your light shine for others and being an instrument of God’s love. Awakening is a rare gift. You can not honor your gift by hiding it away or squandering it with denial or personal gains (not to say you must live as monk unless this is your preference). You must develop it and wear it proudly for others to behold and adopt. The goal is to teach or guide others to their highest path in a loving supportive way. This is true for all people. You all have talents whether you realize them or not. It is your duty to find them and then share them with the world. The only real obstacle is Fear and Fear is an illusion (false evidence appearing real).

“When there is no enemy within, The enemy outside can do you no harm” African Proverb

Much needed messages to Humanity from your Angels! These are some of the messages I received and continue to receive through my Awakening (especially when I had fears, doubts, insecurities, etc) and since we are all part of the whole, spiritual beings in physical bodies on the journey of life. I am certain that the Divine would not object to me inferring them to you. If you are going through a tough time now or in the future remember:

We love you more than you can fathom. You are perfect to us as you are and always have been. See yourself as we do, in a higher light. Our love comes without conditions, expectations or stipulations. We give it to you always and you are deserving of it. Discover this love within yourself and you will no longer feel the need to seek it from others.  Release you fears to us for healing. Let go of anything behavior, relationship or other that no longer serves you and soul mission. Let go of the old that no longer serves you to allow the new to come into your life. The answers to all your prayers reside inside of you. Let your intuition/ inner voice guide you in times of doubt. Maintain a positive attitude and outlook is essential to progress. Continue to develop your spiritual practices. Study and contemplate to obtain all that you require. The world needs your light working abilities now. You are honored, adored and upheld in the highest regard. Know that you are bolstered, supported and surrounded by the Angels. We acknowledge the hard work you have put into your life goals/ soul mission. Ask for assistance and clarity whenever you feel the need. Pay attention to your thoughts and contemplations for the answers to your inquiries are being provided. Whenever in doubt, listen to your intuition for it will bring you in line with your highest path.

May this message bring you peace and happiness.

P.S. Before I made this public I had some strong doubts and fears. I had been working on my site, self and program tirelessly for months and suddenly I was questioning it all. I prayed for strength and came across a youtube video (Victor Oddo) talking about deep rooted beliefs that we are not worthy, others wont love us any longer, and we simply can not handle the responsibility of our dreams. I thought about all the promises I made myself and my Son. How much I had gone through and how this was not just a personal choice any longer. Fear will never stop trying to hold us back. Shackle us in mediocrity. It is up to You to recognize and push through it at every single time.

Fear is The Boot on the Face of Humanity!

Thanks for reading. Love you all and share with someone who may need it.

If you are interested in living an awesome healthy inspirational ideal life than please contact me via email below also available on my contact page.

For more insights and Truth follow my blogs.


With Love and Empathy,

Dan McGinley RN BSN





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