My five-year old Son is an avid Superman and Spider-Man fan. He known I have always been partial to Batman and this baffles him. He perceives Batman as weak in comparison to the God-like powers of Superman, Flash and Wonder-woman. He boasts about Superman’s strength, flight, speed and laser vision. In a direct confrontation Batman clearly stands no chance. After all he is Human and therefore has vulnerabilities.What my five year old fails to recognize is the fact his Humanity is his greatest strength. Superman is an Alien who gains his power from our Sun. His abilities are completely natural and biological. Even his uncompromising sense of justice and duty is something he was born with. Therefore Superman is simply doing what he is meant to. What my five year old fails to recognize is the fact that Batman had to work really effing hard for his abilities. Batman is not simply a crime fighter. Although his fighting skills, technology and resourcefulness are uncanny, they are superficial and can be easily exploited. It is his inner powers that make him unique. His mind and intellect are unmatched. He develops his own tech to serve him on his quest for personal peace and justice. He is the “greatest detective on Earth”. This is an attribute that Hollywood fails to capture in my opinion. His ability to discern and discover the truth gives the Justice League its direction. He understands human and the criminal minds better than any other Superhero. He acts as the mediator between Humanity and the extreme powers of Superman and the Justice League. He advocates for the bests interests of Humanity despite his friendship with Superman and personal desires. In fact he developed protocols on How to defeat all the Justice League members in the event one  or all went Rogue he would disseminate them to the Human authorities  His self-discipline is unwavering. Consider the fact that Bruce Wayne is a Billionaire. How many people would dawn their Suit of Justice and embrace pain, suffering and possible death.  When it would be so easy to simply enjoy all the pleasure of the world. The greatest criticism (and I have many) of the The Dawn of Justice film is the portrayal of Batman (and Lex Luthor). Clex-luthorlearly they do not understand him as well as I do. He would never rely on technology, a suit and a Kryptonite spear to defeat the most powerful being known to man. He would have studied Superman thoroughly and deduced all his powers through close observation of his abilities. He would have leveraged something close to Superman such his identity as Clarke Kent and his feeling for Louis Lane. Even Superman has insecurities when it comes to the woman of his dreams.  Do you really think Bruce Wayne, the CEO of a Global Corporation has not read The Art of War? When facing a superior force you must never face them head on, rather utilize guerilla and psychological tactics.

Other than an opportunity to criticize Warner Bros for destroying D/C comics or prove my five-year old wrong, there is a theme to this Blog.  Many of us view great people of the past and present as we view Superman. We falsely believe they are genetically gifted and have special intellect and abilities they are born with. We tell ourselves that we could never do what they and we are right. Not because they are simply genetic anomalies but because fail to see through lies as they do. We must see them as we do Batman. A Human Being who know his value. A person who stands for a moral ideal and lives to serve others. He has the courage to live without limitations. Limitations that are mostly self-imposed. Limitations that are reinforced daily, by others and taught to us by a culture of fear and control.  The truth is the People we admire most are more similar to us than Alien. There is little difference between them and you. The only differences are; They know who they are, Exactly what they want, and will settle for nothing less than making their dreams reality.

Discovering who we are is the first and often most difficult step.  Most believe they know who they are but they only know their false (Ego) self. No one can tell you who you truly are (true-self, higher self, etc). However there are tools to help you along your journey. If you aren’t interested or afraid of such a Journey understand this. You are already on it.  There is but one Journey we embark on in life. The one we have all been on since birth. The one we seek is ourselves and the God within.

“Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods”         Egyptian Proverb

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