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Holistic Health-Spirituality-Consciousness-Nutrition-Love-Peace-Freedom-Purposeful Living-New Paradigm

Auxano= owx-an’-o To cause to grow or increase, to augment or facilitate Change

Aletheia=  al-a’-thi-a Truth, Disclosure, Unclosed or Not Concealed, Transparent

What does being Authentic mean to you?

My road to Authenticity has taught me about myself, who I am and why I am here.

Authenticity to me is about self-exploration and discovery. Then sharing your uniqueness through channels that express the beauty within. This process is not easy or quick. However, like any great Journey the rewards are beyond the challenges faced. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. I am here to support and mentor you along the way. My road to Authenticity has taught me about myself, who I am and why I am here. It has helped me overcome multiple addictions. The perseverance and awareness to end self-sabotaging behavior patterns. It has given me the strength to leave a career as a Registered Nurse that I found draining, to endeavor a career I find much more rewarding, abundant and liberating. It has taught me how to heal deep emotional wounds leading me to inner peace, harmony and love.

My mission is to assist others like you discover your authenticity. So we can all share our authenticity with the World. In doing so we can create a more loving, peaceful and harmonious World. A world guided by Love!

I am NOT here to tell you what to do or how to live. I am not here to judge you. I am here to provide the support, tools and resources to help you learn and heal yourself. So you may be a shiny example of a Real Human Being!

Sound exciting?

I offer an intensive monthly program session and individual sessions for specific needs.

For monthly program follow the link below.

Holistic Consciousness Coaching

-Assessment and Recognition of health needs
– Learn all the techniques required to improve your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health
-Nutrition assistance and resources
-Body image improvement
-Mindfulness, Calmness, and Personal Insights
-Improved mood and Decreased Stress
-Decreased Fear and increased Self-love/ Acceptance
-Living Authentically-Spiritual Awareness and Expression
-Thought and Belief Augmentation through emotional clearing



One month (30 days) of Individualized Coaching Service to focus on YOUR most concerning needs. Truly Holistic including a thorough Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health Self-Assessment. In depth skype (or other) discussion and planning of your needs, goals and an individualized plan to accomplish them. Program includes daily follow support and access to private online support group to share your journey with like minds and without judgment. Weekly skype (or other) one on one follow up and re-evaluation.


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To book a single session email me at danmcginley@auxanoalethia.com or see the Contact tab

1 hour $70

1.5 hours $90

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Love and Empathy